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Severe fear of going insane

Hello this is the first time i'm posting something here so i hope i'll do it right

I have been getting worse and worse trough the last few months
it all started with a little bit of fear of going insane and it got worse and worse and worse
until i developed a severe fear of going psychotic or schizophrenic
Right now i feel like i am experiencing symptoms that i am going insane and i just cant seem to help myself
everytime i go to sleep or rather try to sleep
weird random sensless thoughts will pop into my head and i wont even notice it until they are over
for example
a few days ago i listened to a song while going to sleep and suddenly thought "i want to draw a anime princess in a pink dress to that" and that is one of the thoughts that made sense at least....They're just really strange and random thoughts and it keeps me from sleeping ...can anybody relate or understand?
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Have you talked to your parents about how you're feeling?
I really don't think you're going insane. If you do indeed have anxiety you can have these random unwanted thoughts.
Are you having problems at school or at home that might be making you feel stressed or anxious?
Talk to your parents about this and ask to see your Dr.
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i have been talking to my parents about this and they seem to understand
neither of them think i am going insane and i am visiting my doctor tomorrow
i have a lot of stress at school and the past few year with my parents haven't been the "best"...i have been under a lot of stress recently because of my worries about insanity so that was more or less the only thing that made me anxious...
can such random and absolutely illogical thoughts really be anxiety induced?
i only have them when i am trying to sleep and i have never experienced them before
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I kind of had an idea that you might be going through some stressful situations. This can sometimes bring on anxiety.
Yes, the thoughts you're having could be from anxiety.
I'm really glad to hear you've talked to your parents and you will be seeing your Dr tomorrow. Tell your Dr about how you're feeling, even the thoughts you're having. This way he/she can better help you. Your Dr might recommend seeing a therapist. If this happens don't be scared. Seeing a therapist can really help you with your anxiety.
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i already am seeing a therapist
when it all started to get too much i immediately consulted one
i am not scared of therapists i know they know how to help and i hope it will work for me :)
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