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Songs Constantly Playing in Ears?

For a while now I have dealt with something that is both strange to me and interesting. I have noticed that almost 24/7 there is a song playing in my head.
My first theory was that it was to deter the ringing in my ears, almost like a white noise to distract my brain from the noise. I do have pretty bad ringing in the ears but I'm just not sure 100% if that is the cause.
I have a medically diagnosed anxiety disorder, and I'm not sure if this might have a possibility in playing a role?
As I type this a song is playing in my head, and every time I go back to think of it it becomes more noticeable. I haven't really tried but if I focus hard enough I can stop it temporarily. It's very very hard to stop it though, it takes full concentration.
Any ideas? I appreciate anything, thanks!!
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I would not worry about it. It's common for some people [I am one] to constantly have a song just below the conscious level in part of the brain. I can access it if I choose to. Sometimes I'm even tapping my foot to the beat of it unknowingly. Tinnitus may or may not be related, but I doubt that it is. You could ask your doctor about the tinnitus, and mention the constant song, but I wouldn't put much emphasis on the song. I recommend just enjoying it and focusing on staying calm and maybe treating the tinnitus. Best wishes.
Thank you for the comment! I will take your advice, i'm probably just worrying too much about it haha :) I appreciate the help!
Glad it helped a bit. Worry is overrated. Hehe.
Hi, has this gone away for you?
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Hi, Has this gotten better for you?
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