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WELLBUTRIN SR ...Side Effect? Please help!

I am taking welbutrin SR and just increased my dosage to 200mg about three days ago. (today is my fourth dose)

I've noticed my muscles have a tremor/shaking issue...For instance when my wrist is in the relaxed position my hand is fine. Once I lift my wrist, my hand starts shaking rapidly. Is this normal or something I should be concerned about?

Please help, I'm kind of nervous. Thanks
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She told me to take 100mg per day for one week and then start taking two per day. Everything feels super jolt-y so I think I'm gonna just start taking one again. I don't know how to reach her outside of an appointment =\   I see her Friday so I'm trying to hang in there.
I'm also tapering off tramadol right now. I think my withdrawals are mixing with Wellbutrin side effects. Maybe? This feeling is just really scary.

I also have a major issue with depth perception at night now. I can't really drive because of it.
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What dose were you on before the increase? How long were you on that dose? You can have side effects with an increase. Does your Dr have a number you can call over the weekend? Wellbrutrin is one of the more stimulating meds, as you probably already know. If you can't get in touch with your Dr I recommend calling your pharmacist to ask if this is a possible side effect.  
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