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Why do I feel like I'm in a dream?

I don't know if this is going to help. But I've felt like I've been in a dream for the past two years. I just want to wake up. I would do anything to feel real again... It gets worse when I'm around people. I cant focus on what they are saying and my vision gets really bright and I feel like I'm gonna slip away. I am diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Social and generalized. I also have trauma. Usually when it gets really bad I feel like needles are going down my throat (which sounds weird) and I hyperventilate and cry. I have tried talking to my therapist but it seems like nothing helps. I cant even begin to explain how I feel. No one would understand unless they've experienced it. Please help. I don't know what to do.
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I too go through this, I was in the Army and in Iraq, needless to say you describing what is called a panic attack.  If you anxiety is do to trauma, then you need to enroll in evidence based counseling.  CPT, EMDR or Exposure treatments are designed to find out what is wrong and fix them.  Its tough and it ***** but it works... cause I did it.  

If you have a panic attack in public, move away from the group and go to the bathroom.  Lock a stall and wait.  You want to focus on your breathing, 4 sec in 4 sec out, visualize your lungs inflating 1/4 at a time per sec.

Also the issues are due to your emotional side of your brain over riding your logical side.  Been there too, EMDR uses a practice that helped me out.  While sitting in the bathroom, focusing on your breathing, tap your feet or snap your fingers in a pattern, left and right and left and right.  What this does is activate both sides of your brain, so you can try to process your emotions.  
Lastly, if you therapist is not making you do work to get better, its time to move on and find someone who does one of the above programs.  
Good luck
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Don't try so hard to get better,it will ward off itself,ignore whatever physical symptoms you feel,its all in your head..You are going to be fine..no one can die from an anxiety attack and you ain't gonna go crazy...trust me,have been there and I know how you feel,take breathing exercise,dont try to ignore the emotional or physical symptoms you feel...let it come and it will surely leave by itself..stay Christ fit
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Hello every , im 24 year ,i had my panic attack three months
Before while i was asleep , it was like 6 in the morning i was suddenly waked up and then my heart beat gone so fast i was like im going to die, so difficult to breath i was sweathing , i was like what to do where to go whom to tell i was so scared i was walking here and there but the worst anxiety attack stop after1 hour its was normal but since then i feel like im walking in a dream, i can't focuse  in anything
And every night i have axiety attack but small one only some times it goes worst and every morning when i wake up my head goes numb n i feel scared any help plz..and while im typing this  im having small small attack too ..please help
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I am kind of new to this stuff but idnt knw wat is happening to me.am 19 and 2daysago i was at work am a roomattendant.i was cleaning a guest room.when i came across some cookies some was dark dark brown with almonds in it and the others were light brown with chocolate chips.i ate 2of the dark dark brown ones and 1 of the light brown ones.and continued on cleaning.after i cleaned that room i moved on to the next whrn i started feeling kind light headed..dizzy eyes got really heavy.i felt tired wanted to sleep.body felt numb.so i sat down for a bit but it wasnt helping i realized i was blackingout.lucky thing my supervisor stopped by to have a look on me..she send me to the nurse and i explained that i ate some guess cookies n she asked if they looked like they came out of a shop i said no they were in a zip lock bag..so she explained that they might be laced with marjuana to have me acting the way i was.i cuddnt walk i cud bearly see i felt like i was dreaming.my body was numb worst feeling ever after 2days am still feeling a little funny as if am dteaming i cnt focus.my eyes kinda hurt...legs hurts like shocking someone plse help me
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Cud somebody tell me wat is happening to me.some answers anything because everything feels like a dream i cudnt remember anything and still cant
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I know exactly what you are all talking about. I know it can be hard and rough to go through things that make you feel off, out of place, weird, non existence, or even DEAD. But good news is you are not any of those! Life has way to many things to worry about and we all as humans have different things we think and stress upon. None of them are different levels to be better then someone else's or greater then someone else. We all have different feeling towards things, which can even be the same thing but we still all feel different. I have suffered through Anxiety and depression A LOT myself, even to the point when I thought that I was about to die... But guess what I did not, and I am still here today, which so are you because you are reading this.

Each person can show different signs of anxiety and how their mind and body re-acts towards it. Now plain and simple we all feel mad, sad, happy, and pain. But did you know your brain sends signals to you nerve endings telling it to re-act to anything we feel. The point I am going to get to is that your anxiety can trigger sad, mad, happy and pain in your nerves. For example when you listen to a song that makes you move and happy, your skin gets goose bump... Right? Our bodys and brain are connected to one and we humans forget that. I know that we can all get throw what comes our way but the key on finding it is not imposable but takes effort to find. Some people take longer then others to do so but we are the only ones that can. No that doesn't mean that other people can't help you. People can help guide you to the key. For example the best way I can explain this is lets say, you want to get from California to Florida the fastest way possible which we all know the quickest way is by going in a straight line.... But we can't always go in a straight line and need to take left and right turns to get to our destination. So now that the long analogy is explained people can definitely help other people get to where they need to go it just takes some time to bounce off others to get back on the right track.

Now I believe in Every one to get better, weather you need to have other help you or to have you do it by yourself but you still have to work for it and prove to yourself. I never thought I could prove it to myself and I did. I did need some help on the way but I got through it. I people have questions or just need to talk I am here and would not mind talking to anyone. We All can prove to one another to get out of depression, anxiety, or anything that makes us as humans feel uncomfortable. We will all get there, soon!

If you need or want to talk, reply to my post and I will contact you.
Thank you for this now that you made me feel better add me on snapchat raven_1400
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Hi lovergerl, i'm sorry to hear what you are going through as I'm going through the same thing after i smoked pot for the first time 2 months back. As you can probably assume already, you went through a panic attack due to the weed brownies. The high sent your brain into a shock, causing panic and depersonalization/derealisation. Some people like myself have really low tolerance to stuff like this. I was prescribed .50mg Zoloft for my anxiety, even though I sometimes feel like it's not helping currently I'm only on .25 mg, I even think I might end up needing Xanax even though I'm pretty frightened to take it considering it can be highly addictive. If you come back to this article just know that you are not alone, I would suggest to stay away from any unprescribed drugs in the future, as well as alcohol, and caffeine. If your feeling normal again please let me know as it's much appreciated. Thanks.
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