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anxiety issues

Okay , idk if this is normal for a girl who
is 14 going on 15 . But this year i have
been getting really nervous lately. New school
introduced and it has been overwhelming.
I started peeling off the layer of my lips and
picking at my fingers and taking off my skin
around the nails area. Then i have started
scratching mysef uncontrollably or shaking or
fidgeting with my fingers. Sometimes i have to
tap my hands alot or just play around with hem.
Lately i havent been nervous till now. My room
has a fan on but the heater is still on so i feel
perfectly normal . But, I randomly get cold when
im nervous and i start scratching and it feels
like pins in ny body. It happens alot in my arm
and leg area , i left a couple of marks not too
cruical. Sometimes i start violently shaking and
i cant control it. And i also have problems
remembering certain things and certain people,
i dont know if thats a memory problem. As well
when i get really anxious i cant pronounce my
words and it gets cold and i feel like my hairs
are sticking out like a chill from goosebumps.
Please respond right away. Thank you.
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I'm sorry you're going through this.

I would encourage you to talk to your parents or an adult you trust about this.  I think a visit to your doctor for a check up is in order.

Best wishes to you - lots of good help here on this forum, feel free to keep asking questions!
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Sounds exactly like nerves. Nothing else. This can be corrected. And you are so young, this can be corrected SUPER easily if you find a good talk therapist and or psychologist.

You don't need to fear about taking medication. At your age, most Dr's wont even think about putting a teen on medication for anxiety. So don't start fearing silly things like that.

The most important thing you can do is tell your parents, and they can help you talk to someone and get it under control. You are so young. You can and will overcome this I'm sure of it. ;)

You've already stated above this started when you began a new school. You've just picked up some nervous habits that are unpleasant. The good news, you can UNLEARN these habits with the right kind of talk therapy. Best wishes to you. :)

Anxiety can not harm you. :) It can be unpleasant. And again, you can unlearn this if you talk to someone sooner than later. God Bless you! :)

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