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i need help

i am scared of taking my blood pressures at the doctors office its normally high in the doctors office, when i take it at home , the first reading is normally around systolic 136 and diastolic 85 but after taking it up to three times i get something around systolic 122 and diastolic 78 . can anyone help me how to over come this please?
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That is a little unclear, so what is the problem; you won't go to your doctor because you are afraid of what he will find,
you go but spend a lot of time in fear in the days before you get in because you are worried about what the test result will be?
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how do i overcome this fear, please help me
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yes i am very sacred what the test result will be, i develop severe anxiety and panic attack at the doctors office
It's odd given how easy it is to undergo a blood pressure test, but it's one of the most common causes of anxiety in doctor visits.  Many people get elevated readings there that don't reflect their normal pressure.  If you're getting such varied readings at home, it could be you're either using a device to measure it that doesn't work very well or you're not using it properly.  Most of the devices used at home don't work very well, including those expensive smart watches.  Lots of variation.  As to how to overcome this fear, all anxiety is overcome the same way -- you either do it over and over until you stop being afraid of it or you seek professional therapy to teach you ways of overcoming it.  Learning some relaxation techniques might help, such as meditation and breathing exercises.  If the anxiety is beyond any control you can consider medication -- if this is your only phobia, a relaxant you only take when you have to get your blood pressure taken might be of use.  If you have a lot of fears besides this one you will need more intensive therapy and perhaps medication to take regularly.  It sounds like this is your big phobia, but it's one you can probably overcome -- it's such an easy test to undergo and someone else does all the work, you just sit there.  I might ask, do you have reason to fear a heart problem?  Problems in the family, say?  These are things you can work on in therapy.
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White coat syndrome.  This does happen to people.  You should record your bp at home and discuss this with your doctor.  Do you have a regular blood pressure monitor? They aren't expensive.  But recording it first thing in the morning when you are relaxed is often suggested.  

Having anxiety is something to 'get over'.  You can discuss that as well with your doctor. Have you told them about the paralyzing fear and panic attacks over your blood pressure?  Health anxiety feels terrible.  I have some myself.  

One of the things I do is try to keep myself in good shape.  Easier said than done at times for me, I must admit but I do my best.  The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise that can even just be walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a week.  It can be broken up into different time segments but each one must be at least 10 minutes.  This is so good for heart health!  Eating a healthy diet. Getting proper sleep.  Those are things within your control and help with anxiety because doing them gives you some control over your health.  :>))  

But do talk to your doctor about the difference in readings from their office to home, your increasing fear of taking the bp in the office and how anxiety may be playing a role.  good luck
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