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needles anxiety'!!!!!

I already have been tested for hiv which was negative.
But since m getting married want to go again for test. But I m scared of re use of needles.
I constantly think it might be dirty or somehow test will give infection.
I need to get tested but simply thinking about needle going in my veins scares me.
Has anyone been into this situation and could come out of it?
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Hi Friend,

When was your last test at ICTC center?
I think you also simply (with no reason)  tested for HIV, like me?
I am sure they will not use used syringes there (in fact in any  lab). I had been there many of times to ICTC center (just to watch, in fact i go there every weekend) and spent three whole days just watching the person collecting the blood, i am sure not even a single time she used used syringe. I got my test reports, but still not able to believe that i don't have the virus.

I saw her opening the seal of the syringe but still sometimes feels that the syringe is dirty, the reason behind it are my physical symptoms.
I am sure she had dirty gloves on her and she had touched the needle and on my hand before collecting the blood that bothers me a lot.
I don't agree with the point that 99% people who comes there are positive patient, i have seen all the records they maintain and noticed only 2 positive case out of 251 people who had the test (as per their records), but still i am unable to believe that i am fine.

Can you explain me the symptoms you have?? so that i will be getting relief if those matches me.

One more question, had she wear gloves while collecting the blood from you, if yes are those are new ones?

You will be definitely okay and will test negative.

May both of us will be fine.

I will not say god bless us, because not even god can save us if we have virus and there is no cure. Hope every thing goes fine with both of us.

On e more thing hundreds of healthy people take the test there daily.

Which part of India are you from??

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Bud, If you are getting tested in a hospital (assuming the same one that you mentioned in the posting that I answered your HIV concern earlier) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT NEEDLES! I personally hate needles because they peirce my skin (and make me cry like a little girl) but in no way will I secon doubt a trustworthy medical center. If that were the case and in some random, astronomical fluke of a chance you get infected by the evil "vixen" nurse, then go full steam ahead with some PR and a fleet of lawyers that would rival the Imperial Japanese Navy!!

In all honesty, go take a Tylenol/Advil (Or some chai) and chill out. If you keep on going like this, you will go OCD and end up making your future kids feeling pissed at you for not letting them go outside and play :P
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Thats great to hear..gave some relief.. Hope same with me.
I think this anxiety are results of ad we used to watch in 90's of used needles and syringes when aids and hiv was new in india.
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Yes i am also in the same situations, got tested for no reason in ICTC center and saw her opening the seal, but still feels that the needle is dirty as she had wore already used gloves on her and feels that gloves which were reused might  have virus on it and i getting infected through that, it is now 9 months after that incident and i have recently tested negative.

Hope, i don't have the virus and it will be the same with you.
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