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pvcs and anxiety

I was wondering how many people suffer from anxiety because PVCs and chest pain?
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I don't have exact numbers, but I can promise you the number is staggering.

One of THE most common side effects of anxiety is chest pain. One of THE most common side effects for people dealing with PVCs is anxiety.

BUT...........PVCs and chest pains must ABSOLUTELY be assessed by your doctor before you simply put it down to anxiety.

I CANNOT stress that enough.
A diagnosis of anxiety should only be made when every other organic cause has been ruled out.

If YOU are having chest pain and PVCs, please see your doctor as soon as possible. Please be safe, not sorry.
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I've had holsters and echo so they said it was structurally fine but they get worse and worse
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I would strongly encourage you to let your cardiologist know, as soon as possible, that your chest pains and the PVCs are getting worse.
He/she will probably order further testing which will give a more in-depth picture of what is going on.
I wish you the very best

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Thank you I will do that
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But they pry just shrug me off anyway. Like they usually do
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Yes, PVCs are a very common, almost always benign symptom of anxiety.  While they feel horribly unsettling, they are harmless.  You've done the right thing by making sure nothing is going on..and have been reassured by your doctor after having a thorough work up including diagnostic studies.

PVCs can be treated symptomatically.  Has the doc every recommended a medication, like a beta blocker?  I was having PVCs and palpitations regularly (I have a heart murmur which adds to my symptoms), and a beta blocker really helped the symptoms a lot.

I agree that if the symptoms are getting worse, you need to follow up with your doc, and maybe ask about a medication.  Let us know!!
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I can't be on blockers because my heart rate is to low
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I can't be on blockers my heart rate is to low at night I'm scared to eat sleep move anything with these things.
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I just want to add. The anxiety could be caused by the PVCs instead of anxiety causing PVCs.. Of course then the anxiety makes them worse. Since you have been checked they are most likely benign but still scary to have them. You might look for things that could trigger them such as caffeine, gas, heartburn etc. You can also post in heart rhythm section. You will learn a lot there. Try your best to ignore them as getting upset just keeps them going.
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First thing you have to do josh is calm down.

PVCs are harmless when there is no underlying heart disease. You were thoroughly checked out, there is no underlying disease, so you need to accept that these BENIGN PVCs are a pain in the rear, they are annoying as hell, but they are not a sign that something bad is about to happen.

Your anxiety is exacerbating the PVCs so you need to get your focus off your heart and onto something else.

When my PVCs really get going, I've found that doing something physical usually makes them stop. Last time it happened to me, I got out of bed at one in the morning and started cleaning out a closet. I knew if I didn't get up and get my focus on something besides my heart, I was going to have a major panic attack. It worked. Again. Someone in our Heart Rhythm Forum here suggested I try this and I'm a real believer now.

I don't know what you're doing right now, but I'm guessing you're sitting at your computer, finger on your pulse point, totally focused on what your heart is doing, and frantically hoping someone write back. If that's the case, read this, reread nursegirls post, then get up and find something to do! You may not be in the mood but I think you need to see if this will work for you..........you gotta at least give it a shot.

Check in with the good folks on the Heart Rhythm Forum for some excellent advice and reassurance. Some of the people there have as many as 10,000+ PVCs a day! They can help you get things into perspective.

There are other medications besides beta blockers and because your anxiety is hitting the roof, a good long talk with your doctor is my best advice.

Now, get up and get moving.
Please let us know how you're doing, OK?
You're going to be fine!
Actually recent studies show even in normal hearts PVCs are not so benign.
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I can't handle them there scaring me so bad
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