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sleep problems, tintus, visual snow. the lot!


a few months ago i had a  weird anxciety thing when i smoked weed last. with out wanting to i kept repeatign anysound or voice i heard. untill i went to my mum and she calmed me down. since this experience i have stopped every single drug except the occassional drink.

i think it then went away for a few weeks or so. but when i was bored at work it kept happening again. the more i thought about it the worse it got. i kept thinking to myself that im going crazy which of course was just putting me into a vicious circle again. again i spoke to my mum and calmed me down again. but i kept letting it creep back in and really got me quiet down for a good month.

i feel now that i have got through this first problem but since then i have had feelings of depression. problems with my eyes (after researching, best description i got was 'visual snow') i have also become aware of having tinitus.
i seem to have learned to ignore both the visual snow and tinitus and almost seem as if not there now. i got my eyes checked out the other day and my prescriptions havnt changed. i can see clearly just have some kind of disturbances inbetween. i see very clearly and crisp when outside. notice the most when driving.

but now onto my most recent problem.

throughtout all this and continueing now. i have been having problems sleeping properly. i feel as cant just let go of my mind and relax. i tried almost every sleeping technigue and deffinatly getting better at it. but i was having some sort of clossed eye hallucinations (again the more i dwell or concentrate on them the worse they get).

from time to time (the worst was last night) i hear voises from people i know. last night was all the people i was out with during the evening. its really quiet scary when concentrate on it. but i feel as cant just let it go and fall asleep.

almost every night i have also been having fairl intense lucid dream. at one point during the peak of my anxiety they were extremly intense but i have learnt to just ignore them. but is very hard as feel like there actually memories from my normal day life.

im only 18 and just started uni, i just hate how im going through this and really gets me down some times. i worry about things a lot more and any time i think or see something a little bit of the norm i always relate it back to my problmes and get myself down again.

i proberly should note that i took LSD for the first time in august this year, it was extreamly intense. and proberly why i keep saying to my self that im going crazy because there MAYBE a reason to it. i spoke to my gp about most of this and she said most of the symtoms are becuase  im worrying about the lsd trip too much. but i finding it so hard to let go of all this and just live my life.

sorry for the stupid amount of writing but is so hard to put into words what i have been going through.
any help will be greatly helpful.

p.s. also get parts of song stuck in my head for the main magority of the day. it changes dependant on usually the most annoying or last song i heard
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I suggest you see your doctor for a very thorough check up and while there, discuss getting into some talk therapy. As your GP told you, you are perhaps making too much of the acid trip and are having a difficult time letting the experience go. Therapy will help you get past whatever is holding you back.
Your uni should have a health center where you can go for information.
And about getting a song stuck in your head...........that happens to all of us and it's nothing to be concerned about. The entire month of June I was singing "Frosty the Snowman!" Talk about going insane! Now that the Christmas season is upon us, I live in fear of hearing that song.
Your issues are fixable, just reach out for the help.
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thank you for the help. i am planning to go see someone about it all. i did go to my docter and she basically said what you said.

i basically know its all anciety related. if i concentrate on any of my symptoms they get miles worse. just weird how i noticed one after the other like they lead on from each other. always had somethign to worry about. i think now i have finally come to turns with most of them and just need to let go. from time to time it builds up and i feel really **** but i guess is part of letting go

thanks again
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Hi Sam

I know this thread is about 2 years ok but it would be nice to see how your getting on because I've searched the Internet for a long time and you seem to have exactly the same symptoms as me. I had my first panic attack 2 years ago and didn't have any til about 4 months ago. I took a lot of ecstasy in Ibiza and when I got back I couldn't sleep for about a week. I started getting lots of closed eye hallucinations and bad anxiety I genuinely convinced myself I had gone mad . The dr put me on diazepam and the closed eye hallucinations went after a while but some anxiety remained. It went on for another 3 months and then stupidly when I had a few drinks I took some e again. This started the bad anxiety and closed eye hallucinations. I also started noticing little things in my vision like dark dots and moving things. I then noticed when I was trying to sleep when I had my eyes open in the dark what could only be described as visual snow but streaky. This made my anxiety terrible and I find the only thing that seems to ease it is alcohol. Any advice would be great

It's also worth noting that I'm on 20mg of amitryptiline a day and have been for about 3 weeks.

Sorry about the amount of typing but I too can't really put in enough words how bad this has been. My biggest fear is that I'm going to go schizophrenic.
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Relax dude, it's just HPPD. Happens with drug use and is very common. I've had it for a while but if you live a healthy lifestyle it disappears with time. The best thing to do is not stress because it only makes it worse, just try your best to ignore it and it will get better.
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