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worries worries everywhere

Hey medhelp community! Everyday i am worrying about future goals in my life, possible failures and many ifs that stress me!! How could i manage them in a positive way?? I do meditation but i need something more easy and daily like thing? Any help? Thank you God bless!
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Conscious concern about the future is okay, worrying is useless.  The first causes you to use your thinking ability, the second makes that harder.  The future will almost never be what we plan so why worry?  The worrying we do isn't based on the future or the reality, it's based on the way our brains are and the uncertainties that will always be there.  I only bring this up because you mention you do meditation but need something easier and daily, but meditation is a daily practice (most traditions do it twice a day) and once you're experienced at it pretty easy to do.  So I wonder what your meditation practice is and who taught it to you?  Meditation practices all teach to live in the present, not worry about the future which is always uncertain and not what we plan.  It's very hard to get there, but it does teach the difference between thinking and planning and worrying.  Anxiety sufferers worry a lot, but not because we want to.  So what I would say is, assuming you don't have the kind of emotional disorder that makes everything a worry despite your best efforts, work more on learning your meditation practice since you've already started out on it.  Maybe you can learn to get past the worrying.  
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Hello and welcome!  Glad you found us!  How old are you by chance?

Worrying about one's future is totally normal (and actually a GOOD thing), but when the anxiety gets to a disproportionate level compared to the worry, something has to give.  Do you have any history of anxiety?  Is there something specific regarding your future that has you so worried?  Past experience that was bad, perhaps?

If you could give us a bit more to work with, we'll help however we can.  Just know that you're not alone.  SO many people struggle with anxiety.  There ARE ways to manage it.  The great thing is, you've already started doing that, which is super.  You've also got a good sense of self awareness, which is also good.

Looking forward to your follow up!  Hang in there!
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Thank you for your responses i am 17 years old going to highschool and i do meditate paxiled because it is so relaxing i have a teacher!! i am  just good right now and i think i feel ok thanks again ppl!!
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