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Can someone help

So I was very sick on Christmas day My dad toke me to urgent care they said I hat strep throat and gave me some meds to take for 5 days I am done with them now but my coughing has got worse and I cough really hard to the point were I want to vomit but I cant,sometimes It will come out of nowhere and my throat starts to hurt. I am not sure what it is and need a little help cause I am tired of coughing.
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My goodness, I have sympathy for you. These infections often take a long time to go away. Often a viral infection piggybacks and there is not much to do but take at least 2 grams of vitamin C a day. These infections tend to be self limiting. Try some honey tea using honey with the comb, which will sooth your throat and has bactricidal qualities. Processed honey loses bactricidal ability. You can have mom purchase an over-the counter cough suppressant, preferably one with guinafesin, which is an expectorant. Do not take aspirin or acetaminophen, because these interfere with the immune system necessary for rapid healing. If it gets really bad do not hesitate to ask your mom to take you back to the doctor.
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Do you have asthma diagnosed?  Infections tend to flare up asthma badly and you may need to add a new control medication or up your dosage for a month or so until the inflammation settles down in your lungs.  This you will need your doctor for and should go back sooner than later.

If you don't have diagnosed asthma ... you could use your pharmacist or doctor for codeine cough syrup that works very well at suppressing coughs BUT if NOT good to use if you have asthma.  Asthma can also develop after a sever infection (how mine started) so if you are wheezing or having more trouble breathing out than in - you need from lung function tests to determine if asthma developed.  

Hope you feel better soon!
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