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Interpretation of Spirometry

Hi, i'm an 19 year old asthma diagnose patient wanting to know about my spirometry results.
It goes like this. I'm 163cm(5ft3) asian.

                      PRED  PRE %PRED  POST %PRED
FVC L.           4.40.     3.63.   82.6.    3.70.     84.0
FEV1 L.         3.79.     3.14.   82.8.    3.20.     84.3
FEV1/FVC.    86.25.  86.48. 100.3. 86.52.  100.3
PEF L/M       544.99. 629.44 115.5.  618.80. 113.5
FED 25-75.    4.79.    3.52.     73.6.   3.62.    75.6

PRE BEFORE INHALER POST AFTER INHALER. Thanks. I wanna fulfill my dreams of becoming a fire fighter and i need to pass this test
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I'm not a doctor.  

When they do a spirometry test, they're looking for a change of >= 10% in your FEV1 after you use an inhaler.  In your case, the change was only 1.82% from your initial (pre-inhaler) FEV1.  Also, they look at the flow-loop that's generated from the test, to see if there was any obstruction that was reversed after you use the inhaler.  The normal range of FEV1 is 80-120% predicted.  You're within that range.

I'm assuming you use medicine for your asthma, since you indicated you're an asthma patient.  I don't know the rules for becoming a fire-fighter if you have asthma.  I know for the military you have to have a normal spirometry test after being completely off medication (not even a rescue inhaler) for a year.  From the bit that I know, it looks like your spirometry test was normal.

I hope you achieve your dreams of becoming a fire-figher!!
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Just a note:  I don't know if the FEF 25-75% also has to be >= 80%.  Perhaps someone else in the community knows.

Again, good luck.

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