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Agent Orange used in Vietnam and Polymyositis

I am a Vietnam Veteran having serving 17 Months in that Country from Sept.1968 through December 1969..  In 2001 I was diagnosed with polymyositis. I am looking for evidence that this disease could have an underlying cause due to the extreme use of Agent Orange in the Republic of Vietnam.  Is there literature supporting this theory ?? If so can you direct me to this literature or give me your Medical opinion.


Jim Jones
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Hi Jim,

Check your inbox. I know of a physician, who is an expert on Gulf War Syndrome and a Colonel, who may have some research on this.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these resources!!!
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I am being treated for Polymyositis at VA Hospital and put a claim in for Agent Orange in May 2011. The board has asked for more evidence in support of the exposure causing my disease. Does anyone have further evidence? All I can find on the Internet is a denial of claim from 2003.

John VN 1967-1968 Army 25th Infantry
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