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Symptoms and high ANA

Okay so this has been going on since I was about 13 till now at 17, my ANA goes up and down, I go from normal range and the highest I've gotten was 1/640.
At the moment I'm at 1/360, my symptoms include hot flashes, cold flashes, nausea, cramps, headaches, dizziness, weakness, shaking, knee pain, and gas. I get these episodes where I feel so weak, dizzy, hungery, and shaky that can last a few minutes to days. All my tests came back normal besides connective tissue disease with high ANA and it was speckled, and low vitamin d. Whats your guys opinions? Doctors arnt helping.
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Any dark urine and/or floating stools?
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No, I do have fat in my stool or mucus
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