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ANA results not fully explained?

I recently had an autoantibody year, the results we measured by >1.0 U indicative as having positive ANA my results are 1.7 U however upon reading the transcript it says ‘anything under 3 U is considered unlikely to be threatening and is not measured in any other matter due to xxxx clinic’s research showing the majority of follow up tests on ANA results under 3.0 come back as negative.’

So, I don’t have a titier or strand type etc but according to this I’m still in the clear I guess?
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"I guess this just means I’m technically negative for ANA?"
That's a good way to put it. Therefore a clinician would figure that there's no current reason to pursue that narrow avenue any further.

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"So, I don’t have a titier..."
There is more than one method to measure ANA. A titer is given in the IFA approach. The numeral result, like you have, is given in the EIA approach. Institutions including Mayo are moving to EIA for various reasons, including cost cutting but also for more automation and standardization.

"...but according to this I’m still in the clear I guess? "
For not having lupus and some other rheumatic connective tissue disorders? Very probably true (but not 100% true).

For not having any autoimmune diseases at all? The ANA test cannot do that. E.g., a person can have rheumatoid arthritis but a negative ANA.

For not having any immune dysfunction whatsoever? The ANA test does not apply to that at all. Autoimmunity is just one subset of immune dysfunction.
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Right I understand, I know ANA is very much not indicative for or against in most cases. Because hypothetically someone even with RA could have no ANA and someone completely healthy could be certainly positive for ANA. I guess this just means I’m technically negative for ANA?
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