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Doctors in canada

My hubby needs to see a specialist in Canada regarding this issue.  Does anyone have any names of docs in Canada who deal with AD.  We were vacationing in Australia, both got bit by jellyfish.  I had AD for 3 months and it went away.  He still has it after 2 years.  He was healthy, young 35 yr old with no health issues.  It's crazy, I could make a movie out of our experience.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks
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Sorry, forgot about the automatic blocking of email addys.  You can find the list yourself (complete with email addresses) if you go to the AAS link on our Health Page here:

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Here are the Canadian ones from the American Autonomic Society's listings:

    Jean Cusson, M.D., Ph.D., FRCPC
    Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology,
    Hôpital Charles LeMoyne
    3120 Taschereau Blvd
    Greenfield Park, Qc, Canada, J4V 2H1
    Phone: 450-466-5000 #3106
    Fax: 450-466-5606
    E-Mail: jean.***@****
    Multiple System Atrophy (Shy-Drager Syndrome etc)
    Orthostatic Intolerance (POTS)

    Ronald Schondorf, M.D., Ph.D.
    Department of Neurology
    SMBD Jewish General Hospital
    3755 chemin de la Cote Ste Catherine
    Montreal, QC H3T 1E2
    Phone:  514-340-8222, Ext. 2399
    Fax:  514-340-7567
    E-mail:  ronald.***@****
    Autonomic Failure
    Orthostatic Intolerance
    Orthostatic Hypotension
    Other Autonomic Disorders

    John D. Stewart, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.P.(C)
    Montreal Neurological Hospital
    3801 University Street, Room 365
    Montreal, Quebec
    CANADA H3A 2B4
    Phone:  514-398-8980
    Fax:  514-398-1285
    E-mail:  john.***@****
    Multiple System Atrophy
    Pure Autonomic Failure
    Diabetic Autonomic Failure
    Orthostatic Hypotension
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Hi and Welcome to this forum.

You can find a list of Drs specialising in AD on the DINET website at this address


3 are in Montreal and 1 in Hamilton.

Sorry to hear about your misadventure in Australia! It is a real bummer to go on a holiday and then develop a chronic illness like AD.
My thoughts are with you.
Good luck to your and your hubby.
Keep us posted :-)
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