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I would appreciate any answers you can give me,
When I was younger (2nd grade) I passed out at school, I was standing outside at a flag ceremony and I felt uneasy and quickly blacked out and lost control of my bladder. My mom was a little worried, but didn't think that passing out was a big deal, because it happens to people. However, I switched to catholic school (3rd grade) soon after that and attended mass every Thursday and every Thursday I would pass out. I remember seeing a type of colorful 'white noise' from like a TV screen before fainting, I would very often miss that Friday because I would be so so tired from blacking out. I started seeing a cardiologist who diagnosed me with Neuro/Cardiogenic Syncope and was put on Fludrocortisone. After 5th grade my symptoms had lessened and I seem to have been doing just fine. I took myself off of the medication and discontinued seeing my doctor. I had very few episodes up until Senior year. This time it seemed like it came back with a vengeance. Black Friday shopping with my mom was horrible, I was at Menards and I remember standing in line and I could NOT stop staring I heard my mom vaguely calling my name, my heart started pounding super hard and super fast and I felt so so sick and just fell. I passed out again and cried pretty much all day because of my major head ache and constant feeling of nausea. I passed out 2 more times that week. Finally getting over that I thought I was over it, I began seeing my cardiologist again and was put back on my medicine, but it was different this time! My heart never has raced like that before! I was so scared, so I researched for myself, and I came across POTS and I fit every symptom. I asked him about it, and he told me that was not what this is. I have never had a tilt table test and he refuses to give me one. Its now Feb. and I passed out at work and at home this week! Both times the same thing, MAJOR headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat and blurry vision. Only this time, I shook violently upon waking up and dry heaved as I was shaking, and again staring uncontrollably. My 'syncope' never felt like this does and it's scaring me and preventing me from doing a lot. I can barely walk up stairs without losing my breath and have my heart throb, I have a life and I feel like I'm slowly becoming deconditioned.
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Have you ever had any autonomic testing done? Because there are a lot of diseases with similar symptoms to POTS.
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You should talk to your doctor and insist on having autonomic testing done. I know how frustrating it all is. I'm having a hard time too. I can't even take a shower standing up.
Me neither! And when I did bring it up, e swore up and down that this (POTS) is not what it was.
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