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jittering at rest

Hi, I am a 32 year old woman, who has bee struggling for quite some time now. I have a lot of crazy symptoms, sneezing gives me pins & needles in ribs strongly but that can extend to any part of my body, long standing neck pain & headaches.. the list goes on...
The main reason I am seeking guidance, is the way I jitter. At first, I struggled to differentiate it from my heart beat is was like a feeling inside, as it has grown stronger it is visibly obvious to myself and others. It is very fast, very rhythmic & it happens when I am at rest or in brief lapses of concentration, if I move or swallow it temporarily stops. I find cbd oil helps keep these under control but I am not sure how long that will work for as they are getting stronger. I have had numerous tests & am unsure what kind of tests I should now be looking at having, any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated please?
Tests I have had through my GP… full blood count, liver, kidney, glucose, b12, thyroid, cortisol & celiac… all perfectly normal. Also I paid a Neurologist to do a brain MRI with contrast about a year & a half ago, this ruled out both MS & a dural av malformation. The only thing that showed on there was some fluid in the middle ear & mastoid air cells. Clutching at straws, I have instigated further investigation of this through an ENT & have this morning had a CT scan of the Mastoid, I get the results from this next week.
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You probably need a spinal mri  c, t and l

Along with an emg/ncs.
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