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Vertebral Subluxation

i have been having tremendous pain in my left shoulder/neck area for a few weeks now. i saw my primary physician and he had me get an xray and some bloodwork and sent me home with a muscle relaxer. well, the xray and bloodwork found nothing out of the ordinary and the muscle relaxers don't help at all. i decided to consult with a chiropractor. he did an exam and took some more xrays. tells me i have "vertebral subluxation". also, he showed me an x-ray of my neck which shows that i have a lack of "cervical curve". he tells me his treatment suggestion is 3 visits a week for 6 weeks and 1 visit a week for 4-6 weeks. visits are covered by my insurance but there is a $30.00 co-pay i have to pay EACH time i visit. i am looking for advice on what i should do? i have no idea if its worth it, how severe my problem really is and if there's anything else i can do to help my shoulder pain without haveing to pay so much $$ and go for sooo many visits. honestly, i just don't have the time or $, but i DO want to feel better. please help!
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ok. well i haven't had any responses yet, but i took it upon myself to visit my dad's arthritis doctor yesterday for a second opinion. chiropractors and medical doctors have an unspoken ongoing fued, it seems. the chiropractor told me i needed long terms, steady, chiropractic care and that medicines would not help me. my dad's arthritis doctor said i am suffering from a syndrome in my shoulder blade (scapula) - the bone that connects the arm bone (humerus) with the collar bone (clavicle) and that the course of treatment typically followed is anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. i haven't called my insurance yet to find out how much physical therapy costs, but i did try one of the anti-inflammatory patches the dr. sent me home with last nite. he also gave me a cortizone injection. today - i feel the same, except for the fact that where he gave me the shot is sore in addition to the reg. pain i've been dealing with. so, now what do i do? whoc do i beleive? the dr. or the chiropractor? and which course of treatment do i follow? i have no idea! in my gut - i believe something is really wrong, but i don't have the time to be playing private investigator and run around all over town until i find someone who knows what the heck this is. anyone??
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Sorry to hear about your pain....

Back in September 2006 I slipped on a patch of ice and hit my face on a curb while my husband and I were carrying in a couch to our new home.  I broke by right eye-socket and nasal cavity and had a Severe Concussion!!  I guess I tried to stop the fall using my right arm/hand.  My husband rushed me into the hospital, (I have just started getting memories of this back)...I was un-conscious for approx. 3 1/2 hours.  The hospital was so concerned with my facial injuries that they paid no attention to my neck.  When I woke up the next morning, my right arm was black, blue and purple and extremely sore.  I went into see my family Dr. about a week later due to the pain and loss of strength in my right arm, I also could only raise my right arm/shoulder just past the elbow.  I had an MRI performed at the time and due to the inflammation (this is what the Dr said) he could not see any injury.  He sent me to Physical Therapy for 3 months which only made the pain worse. He then sent me into a Chriopractor which seemed to make the pain much worse.  After nearly 2 years and still no relief, I was sent into an orthopaedic surgeon who did an MRI and X-Rays and wanted to start out with a Cortizone injection into my right shoulder (since nothing was ever done like that) which really made the pain, tingling and weakness more apparent.  The Orthopaedic Surgeon then sent me to a Physitrist within his group who wanted me to go in and have another MRI done and scheduled me for the 1st of 3 Cervial Epidural Procedures.  I had my first one yesterday and believe it or not, before it was started I was FINALLY given an  answer to the pain I have been having for nearly 2 years...I have a Herniated C5/C6 disc in my neck.

I went thru all of the suggested injections that the Dr said to.  Cervical Epidural, Cervical Facet Joint Injections and they didn't help at all...actually increased the pain and made it more apparent.  The Dr then suggested that I have a Discogram done in order to rule out the possibility of it being something other than the Disc being herniated.  I went thru that one (which is intended to cause pain) and now on Tuesday, I will be going thru a Cervical Fusion operation.  I have been living on Percocet, Neurotin and muscle relaxers for so long now that I am just ready to go and have the surgery done to see if it will help relieve the pain.  

I really hope this has helped you out some with the questions.  Keep in touch and good luck on your search for answers.

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