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Living with Disc Issues

Hi all.

So i herniated my L4-L5 lumbar disc (and minor abnormalities from L2 to L4) from doing too much weight on an inclined leg press and bad form. I also somehow caused bulging discs in my neck (cervical vertebrae, can't remember which ones) from either years of scrunching my neck during workouts or having my head pointed downwards for very long periods of time while working.

Both started out with very strong, radiating nerve pain, numbness, tingling etc that was horrible. For the neck, it was the side of the head, in the shoulder, and down the left arm. For my leg, it was in my left hip, down my left leg and all the way to my big toe. After anywhere from 2 to 5 years of seeing countless doctors, physical therapists, research, etc, i've finally been able to find solutions to my pain that got it down to a very manageable level.

So i've been using a combination of an inversion table, an inflatable neck brace that pumps up and stretches the neck, various exercises that involve pulling my shoulders down and back and laying flat on the ground with my chin flat too, and taking Omega 3-6-9/Borage oil supplements for inflammation.

The neck seems to require constant work, i'm on the inversion table one to two times a day for about 15 to 30 minutes if i can swing it (best amount of time i've found), and the supplements seem to work anywhere from 60% to 80% of the time.

I'm just looking to see if there's possibly anything else I can do to help this pain go away and get these discs to finally heal in place or stay in place so i don't need to keep doing this constant upkeep.Can anybody give any advice if there's anything else that can be done?
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Have you sought out chiropractic care? They are experts in the muscular-skeletal systems and are the only Dr's I trust with my back!!!❤️
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Yes. I've been to them here and there, and gone to a couple different ones. That last one i went to is how i discovered traction and tried out an inversion table which seems to have been the best thing for me so far. Other than that, the spinal adjustments themselves maybe help a tiny bit for the rest of the day, but that's it.
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