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L4/L5 fusion in 1995 - new symptoms

I had a laminectomy/ L5-S1 fusion with instrumentation of the lumbar spine  in '95 which was very successful. Within 6 weeks I was pain-free and remained so for over 10 years.  I'm wondering if anyone out there had same surgery  at about that time, and if you're having any new symptoms now.  About 6 months ago I began noticing when I walked at my normal  (fast) pace,  my hip and leg muscles after about 40- 50 ft. tired and burned.  It felt like I had just run a couple miles without a warm-up!  These symptoms have continued to worsen until now I have to sit after 30 to 40 ft. or my legs shake so bad and  feel like they will just give out from under me.  My Dr. has even ordered me a handicapped tag for my car. because I can't walk the distance from my car to the PT clinic.  I've just completed 5 wks. of phys. therapy, which has not helped.  Another symptom I begas having at about the same time is that my toes go completely numb on my right foot and 3 toes on my left foot after walking, or even standing for just a few minutes.  So numb that I can't feel my foot on the ground and am afraid I'll lose my balance and fall.

My orthopedist ordered an MRI 2 wks ago which showed "moderate to severe left foraminal stenosis and mild central canal stenosis at L4-L5 secondary fo hypertrophic/facet change and shallow central disc bulge.  Also post-surgical change at L5-S1 with endplate edema/enhancement, which may be secondary to sterile reactive change or possible infection.  No cortical disruption or epidural abscess  observed."

She recommended epidural injections - I have had one  (which has alleviated some back pain I hadn't been concerned with but nothing else) and am due for a second one next Wed.  The on

My question is has anyone else had the muscle burning and weakness when walking" symptoms?  Is it possible it's not connected to the spine condition at all?  I have Sjogrens syndrome, overlapping (or mixed) connective tissue disease, have been successfully treated for HCV 5 yrs. ago, have recently been diagnosed Vit. D deficient and completed 6 wks of 50,000 IU a wk, have  lichen planus, osteoporosis,  restless leg syndrome hiatal hernia, reflux -all of which are presently under control. The only AI symptoms  I have presently are chronic fatigue which come and goes.
My meds are for blood pressure, synthroid, mirapex for RLS, zocor for very mild heart disease,  prozac and singulair.

Anyone have any thoughts on the muscle weakness symptoms, or any similarities regarding the relationship of these symptoms to the previous spine surgery over 12 years ago?
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Thanks for the reply - it's not what I wanted to hear,  but it is what I feared was true.

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Hi,sorry to know it.
Clinically, your symptom is same as your MRI results,It's typical stenosis.
post surgery rehabilitation....very important.
Take care!
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