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Neck MRI

HI all: Stumbled across this site and it`s very interesting. My post is a bit long.I was in an Auto accident where I hit an 1800# horse doing about 55 mph a couple months back. I was Very lucky to walk away. After 2-3 days my neck was killing me so I went to doctor. X-rays showed nothing so we went to CT scan. In the mean time I developed some bad headaches that wouldn`t quit. TheCT showed A reversal of normal Cervical Lodosis. No fractures,Bone spurs multilevel neural foraminal narrowing.. Then prescribed low dose valium to help with headaches. It helps. Then the MRI and it says Reversal of lordosis AP diameter is only11mm at C2-3 with moderate narrowing of CFS space around cord and mod. left foramina stenosis.  At 3-4 diameter of 11-12 mm small amount of CSF around cord. mild narrowing of foramina   At 4-5 mild canal narrowing  w/AP diameter of 9mm and mild flattening of cord bilateral foramina narrowing here too.  At 5-6 canal diameter is 10mm with only a trace of CSF anterior to the cord and none posterior.  At 6-7 mild canal narrowing again. Impression only mentions Lordosis and narrowing of the canal from C2-C7. Is there a reason to be concerned over CSF and I`ve never even had a stiff neck that I remember. I guess my question is all this from the accident or xposed by  the accident and should I be concerned. I`m waiting for a Spine clinic appt in April and they want me in therapy before I go. My family doc wants me off work and not to put myself in danger of falling or further damage that may cause paralysis. Seems like a big difference and I hate sitting around the house.
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Have u thought about seeking alternative care from a chiropractor?
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Not yet. Waiting to see spine clinic first. I tried it several years back for y lower back without much success. Ended up with fusion at L4-5 s-1 level.
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