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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Has anyone had spinal decompression therapy for back and leg pain?  Did it work and for how long?
I was diagnosed with herniation of L5S1 about 24 years ago.  Had a procedure done then to fix the disc and really did pretty well until the last couple of years.  Am now having a lot of trouble with jumping muscles and weakness in mainly right leg along with numbness and tremor of right leg and foot and some pain in my back.  Had MRI that showed herniation again of L5SI and degeneration of 2 other discs. EMG showed neuropathy.  I had steroid injections, but these did not help.  One ortho surgeon said he could "try to cleanup the nerve" but that doesn't sound too appealing. Two neurologists have said that surgery wouldn't fix anything and that I probably just have to live with it.  I have seen the spinal decompression ads and would like to know if they work.  Thanks
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Hi i have had a laminectomy at L4/L5 and a bilateral discectomy at S1 in nov07.i also had a NERVE DECOMPRESSION at L5 for back and leg pain .SORRY to tell you but i have been is hell !!! since the op. this is my second op and i wont be having anymore!!
i use a device like a tens unit it is called an ACTICARE TSE it is an external spinel cord stim and a tens with lots of oyher modes .and i take lots of strong pain killers 'my life is poo!! all i can do is sit in my recliner; i could swim/walk my dog/ and live a {normalish} life before that last op ;i am only 42 married .if you dont need an op dont have one!!!
look up www.acticare.com regards STRAKER
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Compression doesn't means pain come from,inflammation around L4/L5 play main role for pain coming.So Spinal Decompression Therapy works or not?
Dependent on where the inflammation is spinal decompression therapy  can help with back pain. spinal decompression therapy works well when the inflammation is outside of the spinal column. spinal decompression therapy does not work when the inflammation is in the spinal column itself.

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