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herniated t8 symptoms

I suffered a c7 stable fracture Sept 09 and during my treatment (MRI) it was discovered I also have a herniated C3 and T8 disc.  To my knowledge, they haven't bothered me.  My neurologist told me "not to read too much into it"  However, 2 weeks ago I started experiencing radiating pain across my mid back and wrapping around my rib cage to the front.  It hurts to stand up straight and walk and also when I'm in the car, every time we go over a bump in the road I get shooting pains around my rib cage to the front of my torso.  Could this be caused by my T8 herniation?  If so, should I seek advise from the neurosurgeon who treated me for my neck fracture?
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You could see the protrusion on the MRI, not sure if it went into the spinal cord or not.  The neurologist told me not to read too much into it and frankly it didn't bother me at all.  That was last Sept.  But starting last week, the pain began.  Not sure what it is, but wondered if it could be the t8 acting up and wondering if I should go back and see my neurologist about it.
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hi any herniated disc needs treatment they dont correct therselves,so i know from experience its not anything to do with your cervical spine the t8 needs proffetional opinion,dont leave it to long the disc space could wear meaning more treatment goodluck
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Yes, radiating pain is a T8 symptom. Was there obvious protrusion of the T8 disc into spinal cord on the MRI?

Car bumps, hurts when sneezing etc could be rib cartilage I guess. Pain from sleeping ?

For your info there is already a good forum for T8/T9 per link
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