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this is causing me to Limp around for 10+ years, unable to breath, drinking ****tons of water,... and SHARP 24/7 pain + what seems like a permanent spasm on my left center of shoulderblade.. + Migraines + million other sudden health fx.. and im thinking the cause may be nerveroot agitation due to lumbar segment disk degeneration...? I guess a chiropractic manipulation might fix this? ? ? ? trying to see if i can actually SPOT the nerve root agitation... an appoint would take 3+ weeks since some people are lazy af and shouldnt breath #TheThirstisReal #SomePeopleShouldn'tBreathe #HeHasn'thadaClearCalmThoughtorTookARelaxingBreathein10Years?? somehow got the rest, upon inquiry any ideas?

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If you are interested in chiropractic, why not go see a chiropractor for a consultation? You don't have to go through their course of treatment if it seems like it won't help. Also, another possibility is to look into acupuncture.
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I have been trying for ten years, and getting someone to do a couple back manipulations against a chair isn't Rocket science or for  rich ppl only....
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I am a firm believer of chiropractors. They are specialists in muscular/skeletal system and have had to go to years of schooling, including medical schooling to perform their skill set. I recommend seeing one!!
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This damage you have is not repairable by chiropractic. Unfortunately. The best plan of action, provided you gave accurate information, is to get an adequate pain management by specialists, do special back gymnastics and if that doesn't help enough, the last resort is an operation. Good luck and get well soon!
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