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Would you do it again?

I keep reading about complications regardiong the fills , post op, getting back to eating foods.  Is it really that terrible?  Would you do it again?  I go to my first meeting tomorrow.
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In a heart beat. I had Gastic Bypass in 1981 and went from 317 to 170. Yes I gained some back, but am losing it again. Yes it is hard at first to get use to not eating as much, but you will learn to adjust. Remember this is not a cure, but a tool to use for weight loss.

Good Luck

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Congratulations!  You are an inspiration to me.  I appreciate your input.
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I had the lap band in February 2007 and I would not do it again. For the first month or so I was absolutely miserable the whole time. Then I hit a plateau big time - I ate no more than 800 calories a day, drank my protein, walked 3 miles a day and still didnt lose a pound for over a month. After that I started eating more out of frustration and gained some weight back.

So I got a fill and for 2 days I vomited EVERYTHING - even water. I went back and had them take out some of the fill and for the next several months, still vomited about 50% of everything I ate the whole time. Finally went back and had them take out the rest.

The lap band is just as much diet and exercise afterwards as it is before. Granted you DO lose a lot of weight initially but you figure out quickly that mashed potatoes and chocolate milkshakes and other foods go down the band really easy.

Before I had the surgery, I thought I had really tried so hard. Afterwards, I didn't think my attempts before were that great. One year after my surgery - I had lost 60 lbs and gained 25 back.

I would not do it again.
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Thanks so much for your answer and honesty.  I am debating between gastric bypass and lap band and you gave me input to help with the decision.  There seems to be a lot of restrictions and possible problems in the lapband, but the bypass is so radical with all the rerouting of internal organs. I am still on the fence.
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At 5' 1" and 400 lbs, was having very serious problms with co-morbidities. Was going to do the Bypass until 3 of my friends went to Phoenix for the Bypass and 2 of them died. Another friend developed a leakage 5 months after her Bypass and a few months after it was repaired she started loosing her hair and nails.
My daughter, many of her friends and aquaintances had the band with no complications or problems. I ended up getting the band in November 2006, after my 67th birthday. The surgery was a breeze. My husband and I went on a road trip the day after the surgery and I was ordering from the menu.
I have lost 140 lbs with no complications and the only problem is I plateaued last Christmas ...guess at this point I need another fill.  I eat all the things I used to eat ...only a lot less of it. I cannot eat when I am stressed .... not even water stays down when I'm stressed. My only restrictions are to not skip meals, remember to start the meals with protein, eat slow, chew until the food is practically liquified and stop when I feel full. Of coarse you have to drink what seems like gallons of water through out the day.
I would do it again a hundred times over. It is like being reborn. I used to take 4 blood pressure meds ... I now take 0. I used to use 3 inhalers and 4 pills for the asthma and respiratory problems ... I now use 0. I do not have to use the C-Pap machine anymore. I no longer have shortness of breath or the muscle/joint pain and problems.
I still have another 140 to go. It should be easy once I break this plateau.    
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i had my lapband done almost a year ago.  it is the best thing i have ever done for myself.  it has been pretty easy adjusting and i have lost 80 lbs.  the only problem i have had is recently i have been having problems with acid reflux.  i think my band is too tight.  i have an apt to have it loosened soon.  but with that said.....i would do it again tomorrow!  good luck!
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I had a vertical banded gastroplasty done 18 years ago.  It involved using staples in the stomach and putting in a band around the stomach to create a pouch.

I lost over 100 lbs the first year after the 3 rd year I had gained most of it back.

The band is now eroded through my stomach and is protruding.  I am having a difficult time finding a surgeon to repair it since the orignal surgeon has since passed away.

I would do the gastric bypass.  100% guaranteed to work.  My friend had it done and hasn't had any problems.
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There is a lot of excellent information at the site below on scientific evaluations of the long-term results of weight loss surgery.

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I am considering the Gastric sleeve does any one have any comments on that procedure?
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Honestly-no. I know you probably don't want to hear that, but I don't want to pretend I'm happy with the decision.  Too late for that.  I'm making the best of it.  I truly hope it works for you.  I truly do!
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I had the lap band in May of 2008 when I was 23. I have lost a little over 150 lbs. I have had a lot of problems with acid reflux and vomiting the last few months- A lot of it is stress-related, but I do have an appt tomorrow to have my band loosened. Having said all of that.... I would do it again in a heart beat! Yes, I have had problems, but I would have more problems if I was still over 300 lbs! Nothing is fool-proof or 100% garenteed.... But for myself, this was the right choice and I could not be happier.
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I had the lap-band done in June 2009. I've only lost 50 lbs so far, but my surgeon is happy with my progress. I think it's important to have a good team working with you before, during, and after surgery. My surgeon has been very conservative with the fills I've had, and the past 2 appts I haven't had fills at all, but he will still evaluate me every six weeks until we get the perfect fit. Even then, there's a yearly follow-up and I can contact his office anytime. It's been a challenge learning to chew my food thoroughly (I didn't realize how much I gulped down because it was hot, or spicy or whatever), eat slowly and stop at the first sign of being full. Oh - and not drinking a beverage with my meal. But, the band has provided a tool that is helping me change the way I look at food and eating, by focusing my attention on those things.

I'd do it again without a doubt. Good luck with your decision.
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I had a lap-band back in 2004, a girl I met there and I became friends and keep in touch. She had hers removed last year because it was tearing up her internal organs.  I am suffering with mine...I only lost 20 pounds, only ate around 800 calories a day, threw up everything. Could never eat meat or vegetables because of it. Finally let it out all the way, now the port has pulled and is causing great pain next to my navel. Plus I've developed kidney stones, because I could never drink enough water and keep it down. In fact I would wake up during the night chocking on water so I had to sleep sitting up. I'm trying to get the $3800. together to have it taken out. It has ruined my heath in every way. I was never sick before I had it done. Do not get a lap band done because it will eventually erode your stomach, plus what is the band really made of? I think the sleeve is the best way to go now, I would do that if I had the money....
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In a word YES! Even though I'm now getting acid reflux. I'm sure when I talk to my Doctor he will make it right please God. I have lost 10 stones up to now, and I never want to put it back on ever. gilboandco.
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Hi me again, After my band was fitted 7 years ago now, I went to a lot of meetings with other people who had different types of gastric operations in the UK. Most of the people who had 'gastric bypass' ALL looked very white/pail and ALL of them had absorption problems and 'dumping syndrome' I seriously think at the time the band was the best choice for me anyway, especially as it is reversible, bypass is NOT! but I'm not sure of the relatively new 'sleeve' operation it my be good to? I personally would NEVER have the gastric bypass after what I've seen for myself. This is only my opinion so people who have had the gastric bypass please don't take any offence. gilboandco.
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I'm a little late on posting but... I am coming up on my one year bandiversary in 2 months and I have to say the choice to get a lap band is the best decision I have ever made. I realize some people have complications. I'm sorry to hear that. That is part of it. Taking the leap is hard. I work hard for every pound I lose, but I am also empowered by the numbers that drop on the scale. I have lost 80 lbs so far, I have 38 left to go. I do things I never thought possible: I run, I do yoga well and I look in the mirror and like the person gazing back. Go into the surgery with high hopes and I promise you will have excellent results. Follow the rules but more than anything learn to listen to your body...you deserve a body that is strong, powerful and that you can be proud of, and you have the power to create it.
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I am a bit young but i just got my band on July 2nd. im having some pain (Very mild) on my right side. is that normal? plus, i want to have a normal life. i like having some shots with friends and want to know if i can still do that. also, sex, is there pain involved because of the lapband?
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No, I would not do it again!  I had mine put in in august of 06 and for the most part have had nothing but problems for the past 3 years.  I can't keep anything down, liquid or food.  Yes, I lost weight but at what costs?  I can't even eat what I need to eat to have any energy.  
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Hi I'm having the same problem ..I had it done June of this year and I was also miserable for the 1st month and now I've had it adjusted a few times and im still vomiting..I regret doing it ..I've lost 36 pounds so far but I feel like I cnt eat anything its so frustrating :(...did you yours taken out?
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Both lap band and gastric bypass have positives and negatives that should be weighed when considering. My 2 cents? The lap band won't leave you anemic, vitamin deficient and can be adjusted and removed if necessary.
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It is one of the best decisions in my life to get a gastric sleeve surgery. Highly recommendable - love my body and the result of the weight loss- tried for 12-15 years without surgery with very little result
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I would absolutely do it again! It has been 7 years this month since I had it done. My highest weight was 389# and lowest was 155#. I am currently about 200#. I would like to get back to about 175#, as that is really the best size for me. You would be really pleased with the results and feel so much better. It's amazing how everything changes after surgery. Yes you will always have to take vitamins. Yes you may have different symptoms or little issues. Or maybe something unpleasant. But, those things are very minor when you look  at the big picture. I am no longer on several meds including a pill for diabetes. I can do anything and buy clothes anywhere. I can move around without getting sore or tired. It's amazing. Don't let the small issues throw you off from making one of the best decisions of your life.
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