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gastric by pass pro bono

my husband needs this surgery to live he is 480 and we have no insurence bad credit and he needs it before i loose him he is 44. Is there any doctor that does pro bono surgeries. We bhave even tried to get social security disability, we have been turned down 4 times please help me b4 i loose him, he has sleep apnea real bad, i hardly sleep because he stops breathing for long periods of time, im scared to sleep fearing he will stop breathing, & i wont be awake to wake him up,,, Can anyone help?? God Bless u on advance. Thank You, Lisa
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I doubt you will get pro bono surgery - the procedure costs around $20000 total
Can you get charity care from the state?
Where do you live?
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We live in Ft wth Texas,,, They are saying he could stop breathing in his sleep, which he does all the time but i usually wake him up, im just afraid i may not wake up to notice he stopped breathing, i need help plz, tyvm
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I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you can travel abroad to have the surgery. In Argentina, for example, the bariatric surgery is half-price.

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