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someone know a quick way out of depression

I was on cymbiax then my insurance ran out and my cobra so we swiched to other meds and I started to cycle again and I caught it in mania we changed meds and I cycled right into depressionand I feel stuck my cycle is about 6 months.
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Sorry, don't know of any quick fixes. I am sorry about your insurance running out.
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How about eating something that raises you serotonin level like bread or dark chocolate?
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I don't know of any quick fixes, per se, but I do know a few things that may help even though some may be hard to do because of your feeling depressed.

1) Eat regular meals even if you're not hungry or don't feel like it.

2) Keep a journal.  It'll at least help you sort through your feelings and it will be a way to kind of learn your triggers.

3) Go out and be around people.  It's against the natural urges of depression, but the whole point is to go against that natural urge.

4) Be active!  You may not feel like you have any energy right now depending upon how depressed you are, but being active will definitely help even if it's just a walk here and a walk there.  Not only will it make you feel a little better about yourself, but it will also get you out in the sun, which helps improve mood.

5) Watch a comedy/action flick/anything not sad.  Try to laugh and enjoy yourself.

6) Listen to uplifting music.

7) Do something you enjoy.

8) Make small goals for yourself.  Sleeping all day?  Most of the day?  Make it a goal to only sleep x amount of hours the next day, then x amount the next, etc., until you get normal amounts of sleep.  Couldn't get out of bed yesterday?  Make it a goal to get out at least long enough to take a shower one day, to go sit outside a few minutes the next, etc.  (Note: These are all examples.  You might be fine on your sleeping patterns and getting out of bed.)

Yes, some of those are going to be difficult, even annoying at first, but the goal is to go against the natural urge of depression and be around people and try to enjoy yourself.

Good luck and sorry about your insurance running out!
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