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Are these doctors idiots?

I see a number of councillers and ''community support workers'' what ever the hell they are for my bipolar and addiction, as many of you will know im sure if you ever crying, hurting yourself or generally trying to get away from the world and lock yourself away its at these low times that you dont really want to go into the doctors and be patronised and such..

When ever i see my doctor im either drunk (not the best idea i know but i hide it and at least the important things get said, im still polite) or im very mixed and hyper. Ive told them im bipolar and other doctors have confirmed this.. they have only really seen me when im coherent and talkative.

Yesterday morning i was woken by someone smashing on my door i pulled myself out of my puking heap on the carpet i had been drinking and taken a lot of pills the night previously so wasnt feeling shall we say in a great mood and jesus did i feel sick. It was one of the support people telling me to come to the center with them on campus and they got pissed off because i asked for 2mins to brush my teeth and grab my shoes which i thought was a little off?

When i got in there they were like your very quiet and withdrawn today is this the real you? As if some way making out the times i had seen them before i had been acting?? I told them i was depressed and they were like you said you were depressed last week but laughed at us when we said your liver was going to repture and i basically said im sorry but my mood is like that at times i really dont care.

And i couldnt handle any of this i wanted to black out or cry and they couldnt understand how i was diffrent from normal.. it makes me wonder sometimes all these people ive been seeing DO THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A ******* CLUE WHAT BIPOLAR IS??
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First of all these people don't know you so well and they go by specific training guidelines. Secondly I'd say go to a recovery group on your own as well. Alcohol or illegal drugs will impeed any recovery. Also disclosing to your psychiatrist that you are manic or depressed is good. Its essential to be honest. But being confrontational is not. I'll be honest. Before recovery, in the past, I was confrontational (though not to the point where you describe) with my psychiatrist. And one time I got out of control and called him and he told me to knock it off. I ended up going to the emergency room on my own and was hospitalized and he supported the decision. In looking back I agree with him. He was right. I did need to be hospitalized. I was upset that he didn't give me more time on the phone but it might have different if I hadn't been confrontational to begin with. Recovery is a two way street. If you want to be treated better don't treat your provider in an adversarial way. Explain to them exactly what's wrong in a concerned manner and then they can help you better.
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It's normal for therapists and community workers to question any mood, very normal, especially when you typically have outbursts.
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