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BP II & Borderline Personality Disorder Differences

Can anyone provide some clarity on the diffrences between BPII and BPD?  Besides the states of Mania or Hypomania - including occasional auditory hallucinations - I'm not seeing a lot of difference.  My concern is, if you are diagnosed with both, is the pdoc just taking a wild guess at what's going on and trying to cover all general possibilities with two different diagnosis?
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They are very similar but that's about all I know, sorry :-s  Hopefully there will be someone who'll have more info.
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I'll give you  a link for Borderline;

Here is one for Bipolar Disorder:

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Thanks LCC.  Both good sites.  I guess I'm just reaching for straws to try and prove the diagnosis of BPII with coexisting BPD wrong...but can't.  Either way..think I'm just going to have to except I'm screwed.
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Don't worry you're in good company - I'm screwed too!!!  

Seriously though, I believe that BPII is more of a genetic condition whereas although one may be genetically predispositioned towards BPD, a lot of it is environmental.  Most people with BPD have had traumatic childhoods or at a minimum have been invalidated during their childhood.  With BPII the focus is meds with councelling being secondary whereas with BPD I believe it's the opposite.

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Well I have to say I would rather know what the diagnoses are then not know. You can, if you are taking meds, also work with therapy and your own guide to wellness. I thought that first when I was diagnosed BP2. I not only had that, but rapid cycling and mixed states. Most BP'ers don't have that, and it's harder to treat. The biggest obstacles I have had to deal with is my own shame. Shame is your own worse enemy. The right meds, therapy and a good pdoc will make a huge difference so much that when things come up, you are able to catch yourself.
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LLC - I really hope so.  I think we're finally getting close to the right combination of meds.  I also rapid cycle which just has not been fun...or bearable.  therapy to this point has not bought me alot...but am starting DBT this week, so I'm hoping that helps me deal with my own actions, shame, guilt, inability to forgive myself and thoughts that there ultimately is only one solution to this torment.  As I said...I can only hope.  Thanks again for the info.
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Where are you getting DBT from?  I heard that this therapy is difficult to find.
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In Milwaukee, WI from a place called the Valentin Clinic.  A number to contact them is 414-454-6600.  They may at least be able to help you identify a place close to you.
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Thanks BeeKeeper.  I'll give then a call.
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