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Bipolar II, & New to Medhelp

Hi, I'm new to this site. I have Bipolar II disorder. Symptoms didn't come about till my early 20's. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist when my sleep and concentration levels became practically nonexistent. I was later diagnosed with Bipolar II. Just wanted to say hi. :)
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Hi,,I got diagnosed BP II about 4 years ago and that changed to BP I when I went into the mental hospital last year.  
This is a good place to meet other people with your problems and issues.  I especially appreciate the info I get from people about medications.
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Hello to you too :) at the age of 26 I got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder (which is a combination of Bipolar & cyclic episodes of schizophrenia). I was on medication & therapy for 5 years and now have been clean (without symptoms) for almost a year and a half. But have to watch for triggers & returning symptoms.
I wish you luck with your medication & your life, may you feel better with each passing day and live life to the fullest!  :)
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