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Bipolar1 anger

My anger issues are out of control, and have been for a number of years. I have tried an Anger Management Course and various meds. No luck. My anger goes from 0 to 10 over the most stupid things, usually things I have done myself. Luckily, I live alone so never involve other people. Any suggestions?
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Ugh, hard to live with.  When I'm reactionary, I feel terrible after the moment.  What outlets do you have?  Do you or can you do anything like kickboxing? :>)  How are you treating your bipolar?  Are you taking medication? Does anything like slowing down the reaction help?  Sometimes charting triggers and how you feel right before you blow can help.  I have done this with my son.  He then could use that to stop the blow up.  He knows the triggers. He knows what his body is doing as it amps up even if it normally happens very quickly.  Do you journal this at all to get a picture of when it happens and what it feels like?
Hi specialmom, (you really sound as if you are!)

First of all, thank you for replying and sorry I did not answer sooner.  I am 71 so I cannot do kick-boxing or anything physical because of chronic pain which is resistant to treatment. This is very depressing and could account for a lot of the anger. I have had bipolar all my life and have been on meds for many years - I seem to be resistant to that too! (Maybe something going on here with all this resistance? Right?) What you say about triggers is great and I am in the middle of a WRAP course which makes you aware of your triggers. Since doing this, I think I am improving somewhat. I also journal and find that very helpful. Yesterday and today, I told myself that enough is enough and was able to stop myself getting mad at something small this morning. But, yes I think the trigger thing is the answer. Good luck to you and your son. Bipolar is very difficult to live with and to witness I am sure.
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Hi Maureen820, i understand where you are coming from. I have bipolar 1 and suffered extreme moods swings. Very angry at times which caused a lot of damage to my relationships. Mood swings are the effects of bipolar the medication is suppose to settle this. I presume if you are on lithium your levels are perfect. I had found by monitoring what makes you angry to deal with the emotion straight away without it escalating to something big.
I am sure you are doing everything as possible to help relieve your situation.i wish you all the best. Take care
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