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Coping Skills for Responsibilities That Create Stress?

I have a responsibility I must keep this week. I can't detail it as involves someone I am helping (although the picture humourously depicts the very serious nature of it). I am adjusting treatment. Much of what is going on is physical now. But I can't deny some of it is mental. I always had this responsibility. And I always lived up to it. But before recovery it would set off full psychotic states but not anymore. Now it worsens my physical disability and yes like everyone here it will set off moodswings. But I can't say "I'm not up to it". Its a responsibility. For someone else. "No" is not an option.
  My coping skills are self taught. But do other people have coping skills they use they've learned? Everyone has responsibilities of some form in life (parenting, etc.) and at moments where we least want them but can't avoid them. How do people handle them?
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What must be done, will be done.

With bipolar, one of the tricks is not to wear yourself out before responsibility needs you.

I have faith in you, and hope the physical gods are kind to you....

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Thanks much. My physical disability is hard to treat. I've found some very cogent advice here in the way of treatments. But I know I will get through it. But it was the same when things were going on that were more psychiatric, including moodswings. For example, I remember when I was going on Clozaril at the Clozaril clinic which was partial in patient and the day before I even started I had to help someone in the same regard (I was working then). I got a pass and came back from the court room to the psychiatric hospital. I explained to them what I had done and they respected me more for it. And yes as I was adjusting to Clozaril I was indeed psychotic because I hadn't started it yet but it didn't show in my testimony.
  One thing that's essential is planning. I'm doing that. But not just planning as in knowing what we have to do but planning emotionally for how it will affect us. I signed up to a couple of internet debating sites and am practicing there. Fun but also prepares me. But for standard circumstances, for all of us we have to think about what to expect in the way of emotional turmoil as there will be some and plan for that and set things up so it doesn't emerge. Hard but not impossible. The Mood Tracker is essential but so is knowing life's trigger points and when we can't escape them how to defuse them so to speak.
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You are your own advocate. I'm proud of your decision to speak out and take care of yourself in a high anxiety atmosphere. I'm weird, ok, bipolar. I don't know how I've developed this skill (maybe from being abused as a child) but I go into auto pilot to the point of almost shutting down. It doesn't work everytime. I try to ignore my surroundings and pay attention to my breathing or chew gum, something that distracts me from reality even if it is just for the moment. Carry something small so I can pay attention to that when the stress hits.

Like I said, this doesn't always work but I continue to try it in very stressful situations. At work (school) I have a pencil in my hand all day and doodle if I have to.

Your in my prayers ~ El
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i too try to develop coping skills when i absolutely have to do something i can't get out of like maybe giving a lecture or teaching a class. i try to imagine myself getting up, going there, doing it and then feeling the relief when it is done. relaxation breathing usualy helps and strangely i ask my brother fintan (who completed suicide nearly six years ago) to help me through it. i hope some of this is helpful. know how hard it is. you'll be in my thoughts. i'll send you some positive energy all the way for ireland! good luck with it. btw i also discuss any concerns i have about situation and he's wonderful for putting some kind of humourous spin on things to diffuse the anxiety about it.
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Thanks for your support. It worked out well but I'll have to return there, is as most as I can detail. My physical disability improved as the stress lessened afterwards. And my moodswings certainly but it also seems everything in combination is working as a mood stabilizer but as they are little used ones I'll ask my psychopharmocologist why (he is prescribing them as is my neurologist of course). The two things that helped that I could describe and are helpful for general advice for coping is that some unexpected things happenned but I was prepared for that. And I remained assertive and factual the whole time. There was no excess emotional energy generated so I feel more motivated and confident afterwards so it had a positive result which is a generally good outlook on life but took me a while to accomplish.
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