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Drowsy on Lithium?

I've been on lithium for a few weeks, increased the dose last week. I have noticed how it made me sleep deeper (but dreams got even worse) right from the start, but this week I feel really drowsy.... sleepy and lethargic from morning til late afternoon. (I'm on a single slow release dose at bedtime). I have two questions. 1) Am I right in thinking this is the Lithium? 2) Will it fall off with time cos I really need to get back to work and falling asleep at work wouldn't be good? Thanks.
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Hi, I had the same problem with being drowsy and not being able to think straight my whole life slowed down this all happened when I first started taking Lithium and yes to your second question it does wear of as time goes on and mind gets used to the medication, I have now been on Lithium for 2 years and my dose is 1200mg along with other medication.
I hope this helps.
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I had the same problem when I stated lithium, my doctor made it much less of a problem by raising my dosage very slowly.
I was on 1200mg a day but I became toxic, that or I need to go up by low increments again. Either way I'm down to 900mg a day until I get my blood levels checked.
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I recently began on Lithium 600mg at night. I am still not sleeping much at night but it's only been 3 days.  I was hoping it would make me drowsy but it hasn't.  In regards to your dreams, I began having terrible dreams a couple months ago and would yell out in my sleep.  I purchased a native american dream catcher at a local store where everything is $1 and hung it over my bed. Since then the dreams have stopped.  The science  behind it is simply suggesting to your sub-conscience that the bad dreams are getting caught in the dreamcatcher.  It may sound weird but it does work.
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