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How to be Happy

If you think you are terrific, you'll be terrific.  Thoughts are the most incredible tool in our quest for happiness.
What can you share?  What thoughts strengthen your mind?
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There's no one thing, it is inspiration that holds my mind quasi focused. If there is meaning and purpose in everything I do, then my euphoria and sadness are worth experiencing to be able to continue doing what inspires me. Inspiration gives a home to my moods. I have a hard time tricking my mind, I'm so dang persuasive.
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  I'd say for myself to try  to have a sense of self respect and inner strength.
Then to use that to be able to approach other people and be able to share their concerns as well and continue to build on friendships. Also when I am not doing well and have concerns about self isolation to go out and be with people in knowing that I will feel better about myself afterwards.
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Good. Inspiration
          Self Respect & discipline.  Mastering thought so the rumination can not begin.  Controlling the Would'a
                                     Could'a & should'a. Knowing that we only have the power of this moment.  No past. No future.      What to do about it NOW.
            A great book, "The power of now". By Ekhart Tolle.    Pamela
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I just watched the Red Army Choir (Soviet Union)!cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" on UTube. They performed it during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Opening, That made me smile and lighten up. It's a very refreshing performance. They are getting rave reviews for their performance of that song.

Little things that are spontaneous, surprising, lighthearted, and brings me out of the overall perspective makes me happy. I also enjoy wit. Funny things children and animals  do and say can crack me up, especially when it's spontaneous.
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Thanks for this post
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Doing something that matters.  If I feel like I'm contributing something to the world I feel better.  It can be a lot of things, job, music, friendship, whatever.
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I'm happy I found this MedHelp web community.
Helping others strengthens me. Pamela
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