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Manic episode

My husband was misdiagnosed with depression when he is actually bipolar. He didn't tell the doctor that both of his parents are bipolar. The doctor put him on vivance and lexapro.(an antidepressant) a little over three months into the lexapro, he had a full blown manic episode. He quit his job, left me, and refuses to talk to me. When he quit his job he lost his medical insurance, so he has been clear of both medications for a month...he spent all of his last paycheck and didn't give me any for the bills, he is overly confident in himself (posting weird pictures of himself that he thinks are attractive but really are not.. That he would never post; totally out of character) I'm wondering how long this high can last? When the high is over will he sink into a depression? He was yanked off of the lexapro and quit cold turkey after being on it for three months. His family and friends that I still have some communication with have told me he has been acting out in anger, going off on people... Etc. He seems very goal oriented and comes up with all kinds of wild ideas and plans.. Even asking me if we could open a paintball arena... Keep in mind we are only 19... This is not realistic. Any ideas, I'm desperate for answers
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This could go on for a while as long as he has the ability to feed that mania.  Doing spontaneous things and dangerous or angry things feeds mania.  Objiously it would be good to get him into a treatment center but I guess without insurance that would be hard to do.Yes, he will crash into depression and as serious as his mania seems the depression would be very bad.  Just try to be there for him the best you can and notice the changes if you have time so that you can try to redirect his overwhelming emotions into a positive way, but not building paintball arena.
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I've been miss diagnosed too :(
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