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My daughter

Hi my daughter was diagnosed when she was younger with Bipolar/ manic Depression. The Dr. put her on med's and she was doing great. Than she took herself off them and has been going down hill ever since. She seems to strike out at me because she knows her mother loves her. The thing that wories me is my young grand daughter. She is 9. I have helped her raise her since she was a baby but she has been on her own with her and her boy friend since she turn 7. My poor little grand daughter does not know what to think of her mother. I have asked my daughter to get back on her meds but she thinks if she does it means she is crazy. I have tried to tell her that is not what that means. It just means she needs help. How do i get her the help she needs? Also should i be worried about my grand daughter?
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hi, yes u should worry,
will that do any good, maybe not
can u get police involved without your name being the one who sent them
good luck
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I would worry if you think your daughter or boyfriend are abusive or neglecting your granddaughter in any way. Not everyone with bipolar is a bad parent. I am a mom of two (soon to be three,) and I do a good job. Sometimes I'm irritable but that's about it. I don't put my problems toward my kids or family as much as I can.

Unfortunately the only way you can force help on her is if she is a danger to herself or others. She has to want to be well. She's not crazy, she just has an illness, but she needs to realize that. Only she can seek help and take the help that is given. :(
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