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Reiterating Tase's Question

By Tase: I'm wondering if there are men on this site that battle sexual urges when going through a manic phase?

I would appreciate if we reopened the chapter on this question.

Also, I posted an answer to Tase's Question and would appreciate your feedback.


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Yep,,definitely. During my manic phases I would become sexually promiscuous. My wife and I have a wonderful relationship and it would drive me into deep, deep depression every time. When I wasn't manic, being that way would be the furthest thing from my mind. Since I've been on medication I haven't had a single episode.
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Dear Renegade,
           Short answer Yes. During manic phase both Bipolar men & women can have sexually enhanced feelings.
          By the same token, during mania, both Bipolar men & women may experience enhanced feelings for everything. Driving fast cars. Drinking. When they normally do not drink. Eating rich foods. Buying crap.
        The very nature of mania is enhanced feelings. For some Bipolars this escalates rapidly into anxiousness. Then nothing sounds good inc sex.
       There are free support groups, where you meet many sufferers of this disorder. There you may speak as intimately as the group allows. Find a support group thru DBSA web site.  Pamela
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