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Taking seroquel and lithium jeeeeezzzzzzzzzz

I have taken lithium off and on for 30+ years, I am now taking seroquel, I feel so tired and washed out. I have tried going offthe lithium once for 9 years, one time and a few other times and something always happens. I have a horrible stigma about it and just do not know how to shake it. I am having constipation side affects as well, with synthoid too. I feel depressed for no apparent reason and am going to tell the psych when I go back soon. I hate therapy. I am highly educated and everyone says it doesn't matter, I am a high achiever, in writing, and am pursuing a writing career with much vigilance. I do get to the poing of resenting anyone who says to slow down, and don't think I am much different than other people. I do not believe I am in a fantasy world.....I have been through allot and try to not dwell on the poast, but its very difficult, any suggestions....17 yrs education 25 in career....Happy home life...good communication. How to I keep from thinking of the things that caused the manic episodes, and stop fearing the episodes....I really try to keep the thoughts away.....What do I do?
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   At this point what might be happening is that you are experiencing cogntive blunting from one or more of the medications and they either might be causing or more likely are not treating depression you are expereincing. As well some medications work better to treat mania than depression though only a psychiatrist would understand the specifics of this but it would be worthwhile to discuss this with them. Then they can adjust and/or change your medication as needed within their professional discretion.
   As well think back to when this first started and keep a mood tracker and print out the results for your psychiatrist so they could be able to understand what is happening.
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Will do it, Psych always say the same phrases, got new one, maybe just maybe he will  know what for me to do. I know my own mind and body and still after 30+ years believe I am suffering from pstd due to rape. I am taking the meds as prescribed in hopes that once I go back to the psych he will either change them or find another way, since the lithium makes my stomach hurt whether I take it with milk or nog. Knowing that milk is the universal antidote, I am doing that as a precaution. Kidney damage could result, as well as a number of other effects of the lithium, so I am drinking lots of water, experiencing some rush of urine about every 3 days, which is not good. I am hoping for more answers from the psych soon, and will report those as I get them.
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