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This is the time

This is the time of year that most people are feeling down--it is colder, darker, and the Holidays. How are you doing?
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Where do we post where we are feeling better (more like "normal"), up, you know happy, up, looking forward to some thing special, etc. and not ask a question?
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Yeah I am in a better mood during the winter months than the summer months.
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I am worse have 3 kids to buy for on top of their birthdays are around the holidays to so it makes it harder
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Oh  my, can I relate to that!

I raised two children on my own, both having November birthdays.  Whew - things got tight!

Just remember it's you they love and not the number of gifts you give them at Christmas.

I made a tradition of taking my kids to the local shopping mall to choose a child's name from the giving tree.  They would typically choose someone that they related to.  You know, by the toy or item the child wished for.  It was a tradition that I think has paid off in terms of the people they have become thus far.

Oh, another tradition - pancakes, bacon and eggs for Christmas breakfast.  Sometimes we had cheese in the eggs, but definitely maple syrup for the pancakes.  Much more affordable than other feasts.  :)  good times
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I tend to become more either mixed or hypomanic this time of year, and this year's no different.

I'll be gregarious, laughing, and talking a mile a minute...talking about how depressed I am.

I'll be having the time of my life, all the while loathing everything and everyone around me. Then I'll be hopelessly in love.

I'll cuss out a friend for not putting in the video I wanted to watch, but then start dancing because their movie is so great.

And that (and much more, like repotting most of my plants) is all in one day. It's usually pretty self limiting...as long as my sleep stays decent and I don't get into party mode.

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I've been feeling like crap , always do around christmas and in the warmer months
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  Complex as my moods have been labile, that is going up and down. This time of year can often be depressing to me because I had the onset of some severe neurological symptoms about 5 years some of which are as yet unclassified and difficult to treat. I also have some standard mental concerns, especially mood related as in the past it was a difficult time of the year with family. I did speak to my psychiatrist yesterday about some potential help with a clinical study he is trying to get me into as well as some standard mental concerns. I am also glad one of my last remaining friends I havent heard from in a while got back into touch with me.
   Since my family has a history of bipolar although this was not known when I was growing up that was difficult for me. One thing I did realize is that sometimes negativity can come from other people as well, including at this time of year and thats part of what I have to learn to cope with.
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