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What medication for bipolar doesn't cause weight gain?

Does anybody know of any medication out there for bipolar that doesn't cause weight gain?  I've gained 30 pounds the past 6 months and don't need to gain, but lose so please help. Thanks
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Supposedly Lamictle and Geodon have less weight gain than some of the others. For the most part, though, all of the medicins cause weight gain and can increase your risk for type 2 diabetes. So, the best thing to do would be to also start some lifestyle changes in the area of diet and exercise. Not only will it help with weight gain but also a healthy diet and exercise is helpful for moods and depression.

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I lost weight when I switched from lithium to lamictal (I had gained 50 lbs on lithium and lost about 10 after the switch). I more recently stopped taking zyprexa and have lost the rest of the weight. I am living in a developing country, so being away from fatty american foods is part of it, but I didn't loose weight here until after I went off of the zyprexa. I notice that if I do take zyprexa (my doc said I could take a pill every once in a while if I started to feel manic) I start to get huge cravings (even after just one pill) and I am really lethargic, so to me this shows how much this med can affect you.
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I take Geodon and I have had less weight gain than with other meds. I have been on Geodon for about 4 years and it is working well for me.
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From what I know Abilify and Geodon are weight neutral medications.
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Geodon I gained no weight from but Abilify I did but I think it's because it made me start eating more.
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unfortunately, this question is inappropriate, without discarouging you, but usually, what matters first is to find a certain combo that works, and that is given 1st priroity. true lamictal is known not to add weight but 1st whether you shall get satisfied with. lamictal or not, however it is also known to give the least side effects.

i know a person on depakote, and although it is known to cause weight gain and hair loss he neither suffered from any of them.

i would say lamital is the best med out there (though i didn't tolerate it myself) not because it doesn'tcause weight gain or with the least side effects, but it'speculiarity concerning depression, because being bipolar you must have periods of depression (the majority) but lamictal lifts depression.

i am on seroquel for example and i find it the best for me. if i start questionning diabetes, withdrawal symptoms, cataract, weight gain, i will not take it.

give it a try for sure. but speak 1st with your pdoc
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I'm on Lamictal and now Abilify, and haven't noticed a difference in my appetite and have lost weight (I've been on the Lamictal for over a year, just got on the Abilify).

I took Depakote in the past and gained a lot of weight... but I, too, know those who haven't gained a pound on it. I have a feeling it was my college eating habits combined with the fatigue from new meds - and letting it run my life - that led to the gain.

I keep a daily log of calories, my dr had put me on a low-cal diet a few years ago that, while hard, helped me lose a ton of weight. I'd suggest looking at that, too - I would have benefited from it I'm sure...

Your dr can help you with the weight concerns. Mine is very reluctant to put me on anything known to cause weight gain because I've had an eating disorder. The dr will try to work with you to do what's best for you overall.
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When my psych increased my Rispridal, I gained 6lbs in 5 days while eating the same as previously. As I'm also on Abilify, Lamictal, and Effexor XR and have a very hard time losing any of the weight I really need to lose, I talked to her about it, and she ended up giving me a script for Metflorpen. It's a med that's technically for pre-diabetics, but is often given to people dealing with *severe* weight gain from side effects. It changes how the body uses the calories that we eat.
I would definitely as your doc about the weight gain, and ask what they would recommend.

Good luck,

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Lamictal has suppressed my appetite a little. I'd typically eaten a large lunch and a moderate dinner. Now I really can't eat my whole lunch at once any more. I eat half and then the other half about 3 hours later. This later half meal also makes me less hungry at dinner. I usually just have a healthy snack.
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Topamax! It is an anticonvulsant used for epilepsy, migraine prevention, and off-label used for bipolar and weight loss. I have read good reviews for people using it for bi-polar. I am surprised no one mentioned it to you already. Good luck, although I am sure you have already been put on something. I have found that the key to taking medications is research A LOT before you put it in your mouth. http://www.iguard.org is a good site where you can type in medications and it will tell you the number of people who had each side effect. For instance, doctors will tell you Zoloft does not make you gain weight, yet 10% of people do, and it is the highest side effect reported! So do your research, and good luck. Don't believe doctors completely.
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I have been on Abilfy for about nine years and I have agined weight on it dont know how much exactly but my doctor told me that five pounds of my weight is the abilify but I read the posts on here and some people have gained excessive weight on it everyone is differnet this last time I went to the docotr I actually lost weight and my doctor told me that its difficult but not impossible to lose weight on Abilify.I take a small dose so maybe that will work in my favor to try and lose some more weight and I have been on a diet for five months I need to start riding the bike again and quit being so lazy and get motivated if I want to lose weight I will have to stay motivated.Before I was on meds for Bipolar and Schizophrenia I was very thin too thin at one time a long time ago and it was very easy to lose weight now I struggle but havent given up I try my best everyday to combat and battle my weightgain and I win and lose sometimes I gain sometimes I lose.My Advice to anyone on meds for bipolar Anxiety Schizophrenia or any other psychosis to never ever give up.I have been battling my weight for nine years and I am still here I havent given up.I dont know why some meds make you gain weight they should develop new meds that dont .
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I currently take seroquel & lamictal. If I take seroquel @ a low dose I can control my weight.  Recently I've increased my dose & have this craving for carbohydrates all the time. Lamictal hasn't been a weight gainer. In the past depakote gave me increased appetite. These meds effect everyone differently.  The key is diet & exercise.
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My daughter used to be on Resperidal and gained lots of weight.  Then the docotr put her on invega and just found out it is in the same family as resperdal.  no wonder she keeps gaining weight.  These doctors only look at well the bipolar is under control but don't worry about if you could get diabetes or if the weight could hurt your heart.  We are looking for a different doctor because hers won't discuss changing meds and her ADHD med isn't working anymore.  She is on staterra.  she has been on it for about 10 years.  It is time for a change.
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nope  lamactil does cause weight gain... my daughter gained some 60 extra lbs when she was on it for a yr or so,,,
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nope  lamactil does cause weight gain... my daughter gained some 60 extra lbs when she was on it for a yr or so,,,but am going to look closer at Topamax. Is one I have yet to hear of over the yrs.. She has had some time off these drugs for this.  We just treat depression and ADHD.. but the anger bug is coming back in force these days.. Broken doors, and bullying mom in a scary way,  Time to have a look at this one..
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Latuda just came out last year. Works much like Zyprexa, only more effective, and without the side effects of weight gain or risk of diabetes. It's really expensive though, and many insurance companies will balk at paying for it, especially now that Zyprexa just came off patent and has a generic. I haven't experienced any side effects at all in fact, and I've been on it for 18 months now.
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I would like to know the same question I have been taking bipolar medications for 15 years now all the ones I have been prescride have made me gain weight and a'lot Abilify Celexa not sure if for Bipolar or not have heard yes have read no Welbutron.  Topamax I have been on 11 months I have lost 92 pounds on but I am on 400mg but I do not want to eat sleep my height to is only 4 10 1/2 I weight 286. Now Im 194. That was from the other bipolar medications. Before filling the precscribtions read about talk to your doctor. My best advice. Have faith in your doctor to. So many like Me and my mom, have been given the run around on medications and now we are having a hard time and being scared of medications. If you think not the right doctor find another check the doctor though.
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i have been on limactil for 5 years and never gained weight. So for some people I guess it does different things to everyone but I would give it a chance.
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I am 20 yrs old. i have been switched around from depakote, depakote er, trileptal, and lexapro in the past 5 years. I didn't experience any weight gain from any medication, but i did lose weight with lexapro. I had a lack of appetite for about 3 weeks until i adjusted to the medicine. i lost a total of 8 lbs and was very weak and "dumbed down" for the first 2 weeks. after my levels were okay i gained my weight back and haven't had a problem since.
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i am newly diagnosed bipolar II.  I started taking abilify and it worked wonders.  However, i gained 6 pounds in one week!!!!  Abilify made me feel nauseous unless I ate something...a lot of something!  I love how people say diet and exercise is key.  I am a marathon runner and exercise all the time!  i also eat mostly fruits and veggies and no soda.  Don't smoke or drink either.  Diet and exercise aren't everything.  meds are going to do what they are going to do.  Hoping I can find one out there that works as well as abilify but does not cause the weight gain!
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Been on lithium for 6 yrs and have gained 40 lbs. Now I have stage 3 kidney failure and need to switch to another med. I was slim all my life until lithium, but it did work the best for me.
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Years ago I was on Zyprexa for one year and gained 60 lbs.  I then took Seroquel for several years and my weight stayed stable, but still overweight 60 lbs.  I then took Geodon (Zeldox) and within a year I had lost 30 lbs without changing anything in my diet or exercise.  For the first 10 months I felt great.  I had so much more energy, I felt like I was coming out of a long period of being a zombie.  Unfortunately I had to stop Geodon because it started causing anxiety.  So went back to Seroquel XR last year and have gained 20 lbs and back as a zombie.  Now I'm starting Latuda, which apparently does not make one gain weight.  I don't know whether it will make me feel anxious like Geodon did.  Any comments will be appreciated  
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I had to quit Latuda because it made me manic- irritable, restless, agitated, racing thoughts, the whole bit.  It started about 2 hours after I took the med.  This is the number one reported side effect from it, although they call it "restlessness" and not mania.  In my case, it was definately mania, not just physical restlessness.
I'm on Seroquel XR now which works great but I've gained 14 lbs. in 3 weeks.  Think I'm going to have to go off it, which almost puts me in despair.  If it makes me gain weight, it works, if it doesn't, it makes me manic.  I think it has to do with how the non-weight gain ones affect dopamine vs. the more traditional weight gainers.  Lamictal in and of itself doesn't do enough for me.
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Hi all, have you tried Slimming World? I lost with them loads here in the UK but they are now in the USA as well. It is the healthy eating life style and you have to eat to lose weight. No hunger what so ever. Give it a go :).
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