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lithium and carb cravings

can lithium cause low serotonin thereby causing carb cravings. if i have carb cravings from lithium than the more carbs i eat the more fat i get. my question is how do you stop lithium induced carb cravings? when i eat meat and vegetables  i feel full and satisfied but later in the morning i get this craving for bread and potatoes. its a vicious cycle i can't let go of. please help me with this dilemma.
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I was ravenous in general on lithium, I just grazed all day long. Before I stopped taking it, I started eating only whole grain for carbs, avoiding pure starch, so I got the fiber, protein, minerals, and complex sugars all together. My weight stabilized by filling up on whole grain rice, quinoa, millet, or whatever. I went full psychotic still on Lithium, so not sure if that method would work long term or for you. Good luck.
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Lithium is known to increase hunger in some.  Bipolar itself is believed to have something to do with serotonin levels at least in part, though nothing is 100% certain.  You're experiencing a normal side effect.  Definitely a good suggestion from Weaver to try to satiate the craving with something at least wholesome when you choose to give into it.
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