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what meds are you on for bipolar manic deppreshion???

what meds are coverd on medicare  that work very good for ur manic  problems?? im  on serquil 200 xr,s..there good but gain weight on them..i get them from family docky..wanting to find a shrink,,to put me on the right ones??PLESE HELP ME????????????????
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check out this website


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I'm on Symbyax for my bipolar.  I don't know if its covered by medicare.  But its basically Zyprexa and Prozac in one pill.  It helps me out.
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Some of the one I am familiar with are Abilify, Geodon, Depakote, Lamictal, Lithium, Remeron, Aoloft, Prozac, and many many more. You may want to post and ask for a website link to get more info. I know one site www. NAMI.org is very good and has links. I think it boils down to good old fashion research.
Usually it's a combination of 2  or 3 meds to treat the different symtoms of Bipolar. Most people are not on just one med. They usually take a moog stabelizer along with an antidepressant and quite often one other medication depending on the type of Bipolar you ahve. I would Google "Medications used to treat Bipolar Disorder" you may come up with a whole laundry list. I think that's how I found my medications. Ther are also some brand new ones out but I'm sure they are pricey. I don't think Seroquel alone is enough to treat most people with bipolar. I hope you get some answers, I know you are desperate for them. Good Luck,
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