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Nuvaring continual use... still having my period?

I've had absolutely horrible menstrual cramps for the past several years, to the point that my doctor prescribed percocet for me to take for every period (I can't take NSAIDs like Aleve, Motrin, etc.).  I got a Mirena IUD to see if that would help (it didn't, but I still have the IUD) and have been using Nuvaring for almost two months.  My new doctor "isn't comfortable" prescribing painkillers for menstrual cramps, and instead she recommended using the Nuvaring continually to avoid having my period at all.  (She doesn't think endometriosis or anything similar is likely.)

So, while she warned me that I'd probably still have break-through bleeding for the first few cycles, she was pretty sure that using Nuvaring would regulate my cycle back to something reasonable, like, having one period a month instead of one period every two weeks.  But I still have a lot of bleeding (more than spotting; enough that I need to wear a pad and not just a panty-liner) every two weeks, though it's not as heavy as a real period, and I still have cramps!  My cramps last the normal duration (the first two days of bleeding), but the bleeding will not stop until I take the Nuvaring out and let my period run its course.

Does this make any sense?  My insurance won't cover replacing the ring every two weeks, but you're definitely not supposed to take it out for a week and put it back in.  Also, this isn't helping me at all!  I still have cramps, and, unless I want to bleed forever, I still have to have my period every month!  I have an appointment to see this doctor again in a few weeks.  Any ideas before then?
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I think you need a more thorough evaluation for things like endometriosis or uterine polyps/fibroids.  That is a tremendous amount of bleeding and I would want to get more information about its underlying causes before I just treated it as a symptom.  Good luck!
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I have never heard of using another birth control while using mirena, i could swear i heard that that is not supposed to be done. but, as long as the doc knows that you have the IUD then i guess they feel its ok to do.

You have your period every two weeks... so you bleed for two weeks and then stop for two weeks.  Thats not too too bad.  I used to bleed for at the very least 3 weeks straight, have 1 week off and start again.  wearing super plus tampons and an over night pad. would fill them up in like 2 hours.  The pain was awful.  hmm.  I used the nuva ring loved it took care of my period, but it took quite a few months before it changed the cycle pattern, i'm now on the mirena...having some issues with that though.  

Sometimes it takes a while for bc to actually get into the swing of things could take 6 months to a year.  Birth controls don't work like a lightswitch...well the pills anyways same with nuva.  Give it a while longer if your body has been doing this for sooo long its in that pattern, its going to take a while to break it, keep the heat pack or pad around during that time of the month. and hang in there!  
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