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Does steam from the shower reduce effectiveness of birth control.

So I recently was intimate with a partner last night, and while things went great I did some research online and apparently the steam from the shower can ruin birth control? I keep my birth control in the bathroom and I tend to take extremely long hours. Considering my partner and I engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse would it be wise for me to take plan B or possibly start a new pack of birth control pills? I keep getting different answers from everyone and I’m not exactly sure what to do because my anxiety is really bad. I talked to a pharmacist that recommended to try and contact a manufacturer of the pills for more information and recommended taking plan B. I’m super stressed out because I feel so stupid because I figured I was playing safe but apparently not :(..

Edit: I take my birth control pills everyday, not at the same time. They are combined pills, I also started my period when going into my first pack.
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