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periods getting shorter each month

i have been trying for a baby with my partner for 14 months, still not preg but i have noticed since an op in jan my periods have become increasingly shorter and lighter i am fairly young in my late 20's and was previously on depo.
i don't think it is anything directly to do with my op, i have just been aware of it since then.

how can your periods become lighter mine rarely last for 1 day just wandering if anyone else has had the same or what the causes are. (def not preg taken several tests.)
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hi kimmie, i had the depo several years ago so i really dont remeber much on symptons but i do remember it took 9 mnths for my cycle to return to normal, i guess it just comes down to how each persons body reacts!
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i was wandering how long will the depo stay in my body and could my symptoms be related to the depo injection
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