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Help understanding blood results

I got my CBC results back and was hoping for some help understanding them before I am able to see the doctor again. Sympyoms include chronic low-grade fever, tired, and pressure in my throat. This has been going on for a long time now.

Last week, the following values were out of range:
WBC: 13.4 (range 3.5-10.4) High
Platelets 417 (range 150-400) High
MCV 77 (range (80-98) Low
MCH 25 (range 28-23) Low
Granulocytes#  8.2 (range 2-7.5) High
Monocytes# 1.0 (range .2-.8) High

I repeated the bloodwork this week and my MCV, MCH, Granulocytes #, and Monocytes # are now fine. Platelets are also fine. They are now 345. Is a drop from 417-345 in one week normal?
Current out of value numbers:

WBC: 11.8
HGB: 11.8 (range 12-16) Low
HCT: 36% (range 37-47) Low

Is this anything to worry about? Anything I can do to get the numbers back to normal?

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Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware of an ongoing infection of any kind, but maybe I had something and didn't realize.

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Hi there. Do you have an ongoing infection, respiratory, gastrointestinal, or urinary tract? An infection or inflammatory state could cause the wbc count to rise and that its come down mean it is settling down.  Hgb or HCT  is not in the concerning range and can be improved by supplementary diet rich in iron and vitamin C.
Iron rich food include all fortified foods, pulses, whole wheat, lean meat, poultry, eggs, green vegetables etc. this should help you.
Take care.
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