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Low white count

I have had my cbc done may times lately. I am running a low white count of 1.5-2.0 and a granulocytes of 0.4, 18.5%. Never get sick and so far everything has come back normal. Due to have a bone marrow aspirate this week. Can this just be my normal?
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This sounds like a question that might be difficult to find an answer to on a hep c forum although you never know. Most of us that have low WBCs and low ANC are generally treating with interferon which often destroys white blood cells. Chemo therapy of course also destroys white blood cells. I assume that since you are having a bone marrow aspirate that this is not the reason for your low count. What does your doctor suspect is the problem?

Good luck,
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Jean:  It's hard for anyone here to try to guess what the reason for a low WBC would be but I understand you trying to do so.  I had a low WBC for many years but my doctors never told me until 3 years ago.  Along with the low WBCs, I had high liver function tests so I asked to be tested for Hep C.  I was positive for it.  So, in my case, my low WBCs were a result of the chronic Hep C.  

I do believe that I have read that people can have a low WBC as their "norm".  

Also, I was never sick all those years with a low WBC...which ran in the same range as yours.

Have you been tested for chronic viruses of any kind?
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new to the site. I did not mean to post it to the Hep C community. It now been moved to general forum.

I posted this question just to see if anyone knew anything about this or has had a similar situation. When you search the internet it is information overload.

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I know this is an old post. But wondering if you got any insight on why your wbc was low with the bone marrow test .I have had low wbc for 30 years but never had that particular test done
Since this post I have had two bone marrow biopsies as well as blood work a second time. Everything was normal. So I just follow up yearly with my hematologists. I guess it's just idiopathic neutropenia.
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