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What could be the cause of high HGB and low RDW?

Within the past few months I have started experiencing pain and discomfort in my wrists, hands, feet and toes. I have sores that started about the same time inside my nose that will not heal. I have been experiencing fatigue and twice have lost peripheral vision and have had trouble forming sentences during these episodes. I asked my doctor about it who decided to test for RA. The blood work came back that my HGB is high. They sent me to a hematologist for testing. My results came back with high HGB and low RDW. They said everything is fine and it’s because I  smoke. This doesn’t answer what is causing these levels or the pain and sores. Does anyone have any insight? I’m 30 years old and 7 months ago when my blood was tested after labor all of my levels were normal and I was not given any iron supplements.  
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