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Headaches , pressure ,

For the past 3 weeks I have had a full pressure like headache everyday . It has been a rough month for me so I don’t know if it’s stress related but a lot has happened .

1: I have removed a wisdom tooth .

2: I got a permanent crown installed .

3: visited an ENT and sinus are clear

4: the last month I suffered severe anxiety unfortunately due to my work.

My concern is obviously the worst as usual . Brain tumor ? I was typically the person to not get headaches unless I was hung over . These aren’t painful but very annoying because they are there all day.  Most of the times it’s pressure behind my eyes or on the bridge of my nose . Then it can jump to low pain on my temple . Any ideas ? Or suggestions ? I had an MRI done two years ago during a check up bc when I was a child I actually had cystercycosis which required brain surgery . I was 8 at the time . Today I’m 33 and after my surgeries I never had anymore issues thankfully . Obviously this could cause some anxiety n overthinking but the headaches are real n it’s a bit annoying . Like I said I took a MRI about two years ago n all was clear .
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I have been suffering with sinus like head pressure for years. No diagnosis yet, but my prolactin levels have been found to be elevated for the past year. I’m going for an MRI soon to check for a pituitary tumor. My prolactin levels are not that high, so I’ve been told by my endocrinologist that if it was a prolactinoma it would be tiny and not cause my head pain. Not sure I agree though, because this issue started at the same time all my other hormonal issues started. Like you, it feels like a sinus infection, it causes brain fog and cognitive difficulties, vertigo, lightheadedness and feels similar to anxiety panic attacks in the sense that it creates derealization for me, but it is way worse and very painful and real. I’ve tried allergy meds, massage therapy, meditation, nasal sprays, etc. nothing gets rid of it. Feels like my eyes are always heavy and something it’s pulling on them. :/

I have no further input other than I’m in the same boat and I hope you can find a cause soon!

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